14 boxes of classified documents: Partial publication of Trump’s storming decision – Politics

14 boxes of classified documents: Partial publication of Trump’s storming decision – Politics

A long-awaited document was released in part after a search of former US President Donald Trump’s home. The US Department of Justice released the document, with some revisions, on Friday, by order of a judge, on the basis of which the search warrant for Trump’s private Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach was approved. Because of the high level of public interest, the online database of court documents was completely overwhelmed.

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A Florida judge had ordered the partial release on Thursday. However, about half of the pages over 30 have been blacked out to protect sensitive information. The document also provides information about the FBI’s initial suspicions against Trump.

Handwritten notes on documents – possibly with a Trump pen

Accordingly, 14 of the 15 boxes of documents that Trump previously sent from Mar-a-Lago to the National Archives contain classified and sometimes highly classified documents. 184 documents were classified into the boxes – 67 “secret” documents, 92 “secret” documents and 25 “top secret” documents. There were handwritten notes on some of them – possibly written by Trump himself.

The FBI complained that classified documents were mixed with other papers. So the FBI argued there was reason to believe there were other classified documents on the property.

Trump talks again about ‘witch hunts’

Trump responded angrily to the release of details of the investigation against him. On the Truth Social online service, which he co-founded, Trump wrote on Friday about a “witch hunt!!!”.

About half of the 30+ pages were blocked to protect sensitive information. Photo: Jim Borg/Reuters

He accused the FBI and the Department of Justice of “total public relations deception.” The procedural document, some of which has been published, does not indicate that he worked closely with the FBI in returning the documents. Nor does it provide any evidence that he withheld documents related to nuclear weapons.

Trump wants a third party to oversee verification

Late Friday night (local time), Trump filed a “supplementary” motion with the court. In it, he asks the court to prevent the government from examining documents seized in Mar-a-Lago until a third party called a “special tutor” is appointed.

This is to monitor the examination of documents independently. Trump had already made a similar request on Monday, but the responsible district judge asked for more information.

Former US President Donald Trump is under tremendous pressure.Photo: Julia Nichinson/AP/dpa

Trump’s lawyers have now said their request should be granted because the August 8 statement that the August 8 search for Trump’s home in Florida was based on has been excessively modified.

Trump calls for judge’s resignation

It contains “nearly any information that would allow[Trump]to understand why the raid took place or what was taken from his home.” The few lines that are not obfuscated raise more questions than answers.

Earlier, Trump asked the judge who authorized a search of his Florida home to resign. “Judge Bruce Reinhart should not have allowed my house to be broken into,” Trump wrote on social media. Trump did not give a reason for the judge’s resignation. So far, his lawyers have not made such a request.

The FBI had the FBI On August 8, a search was made of Trump’s property in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. The background is Republicans’ handling of the documents from his presidency through January 2021.

The FBI confiscated several sets of classified documents in Mar-a-Lago. Because Trump kept the records on his private property, he may have broken the law. This is now under investigation. Trump criticizes the authorities’ actions as politically motivated and defends himself with a lawsuit. (AFP, Reuters)


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