Special envoy on Ebola speaks with United Nations at press conference

This graphic details different statistical aspects of the effort against the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. | Courtesy of the WHO

Dr. David Nabarro, special envoy on Ebola, spoke with the United Nations (UN) News Center in a recent press conference regarding the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. 

According to the UN, the disease has killed roughly 11,300 individuals out of approximately 28,638 suspected and confirmed cases of the disease in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. Nabarro stated that the priorities for counter outbreak response will be to ensuring that those who have survived infection are able to get medical help that they need. The virus can live on in certain fluids in the body following the disease’s course. He noted that these remnants can spread through sexual contact and that survivors and health care providers will need to take special care. 

He also said that continued vigilance needs to be kept in case a flare-up occurs and that the medical and other services in affected countries will need to be brought back to capacity in order to serve recovery efforts.

The UN also reports that the Office of the Special Envoy on Ebola will close at the end of this year. Despite this, Nabarro states the the UN presence will still be in place during the remainder of the outbreak. 

“I will personally stay continuously engaged in the issue, working with the World Health Organization, working with governments, working with partners to try to keep a close eye on what is happening and to ensure that the whole UN system continues to fully engaged with the affected countries,” Nabarro said.

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