Obama: United States will prevail in the face of violent extremism

President Barack Obama spoke at an summit on countering violent extremism at the White House on Wednesday, and said the United States has withstood threats before and it will again. | U.S. White House

While delivering a speech at the recent summit on countering violent extremism, President Barack Obama said that the United States has a history of withstanding violent attacks and is prepared to continue to do so.

Obama delivered the closing remarks on Wednesday, commenting on recent global examples of violent extremism around the world. He additionally mentioned local violence, referencing the three Muslim Americans that were murdered at the University of North Carolina.

“As Americans, we are strong and we are resilient,” Obama said. “And when tragedy strikes, when we take a hit, we pull together, and we draw on what’s best in our character -- our optimism, our commitment to each other, our commitment to our values, our respect for one another.”

Obama said the country has always faced difficult and dangerous security challenges, and that today those issues stem from groups like al Qaeda and ISIS. This struggle, he continued, is not unique to the U.S. but shared by the entire world.

“So, in the face of this challenge, we have marshalled the full force of the United States government, and we’re working with allies and partners to dismantle terrorist organizations and protect the American people,” Obama said. “Given the complexities of the challenge and the nature of the enemy -- which is not a traditional army -- this work takes time, and will require vigilance and resilience and perspective. But I'm confident that, just as we have for more than two centuries, we will ultimately prevail.”