World Cup applicants in personal review: A superhero seduces the DFB team

World Cup applicants in personal review: A superhero seduces the DFB team

Hansi Flick likes this draw. The national coach gets a positive draw after a 1-1 draw in the Netherlands. Specifications are implemented, there are employee alternatives. The 57-year-old sees the DFB-Elf in good shape for the World Cup in Qatar.

One would have guessed that Hansie Flick would not be in the best of moods on Tuesday evening, after all, something historic happened in Amsterdam. Such a new national coach did not succeed for the first time in his managerial career at the German Football Association (DFB). Following an eight-match series draw against the Netherlands, the furious Test ended 1-1 after goals from Thomas Mல்லller (45th) and Steven Bergwin (68th). Decision to match things on the pitch.

The mood of Hansie Flick, who was fine now, can be explained like this. His impressive streak, no matter how good the successes, continued to be accompanied by “yes, but …”. Yes, everything is fine, but these enemies! They are not really (critics lamenting) the criteria for declared big goals. A little reminder: The title should come from Qatar, where the World Cup takes place in the winter (still sounds crazy). Yes, it sounds crazy, but it’s like that. These days Manuel Neuer provided oral evidence for this. So now release: Flicks Germany can do the same against the upper nations. That, too, left permanent employees such as Niklas Sule, Joshua Kimmich, Leon Goretska or Serge Knabri uninjured or prevented.

The national coach then wanted to give his team a “big compliment” – especially for the first 60 minutes of dominance. “Simply refreshing,” Flickr praised the performance on the first international scale. “I knew we had to act like this for the whole 90 minutes, but the intensity of the team was very high,” the DFB head coach said succinctly. “We are heading in the right direction,” said goal scorer Thomas Mல்லller, after a decent start to the World Cup year, including a 2-0 win over Israel. “If you draw a line under it, we’re on the right track,” said Captain Manuel Neuer. Well, let’s go to Medias Res and see the staff playing in the personal review:

Manuel Neuer: Oh, what else can be said about the captain: he’s good to be there. You may not have noticed at first that he was playing in his 109th international, but still more. He became the head fistball player for the national team in the 80th minute. At the instigation of the hosts, he packed everything that went into his habitat into a box (and that too was a lot). He was powerless when Bergwijn admitted a very powerful shot from a very short distance under the bar.

Thilo Kehrer: There has been a lot of talk about the Paris Saint-Germain player over the last few days. It also reinforced the notion that he was one of Flick’s favorite students. Other teammates on the DFB team can embrace the qualities of a defensive player. Thomas Mல்லller, for example, praised its diversity! A great word for fans to remember. What this means: Well, as someone has said before: Kehr can be used flexibly. Of course it’s so boring! Of course, Herr Polivalent also played against the Netherlands and was in the opening XI for the ninth time in the Flick era, but this time he showed extraordinary weaknesses defensively and could do nothing with the space on his side in moving forward. Once after eating beef with Leroy Sane, both players had different ideas about the path. After a fight, Kehrer was lucky to have the penalty canceled by VAR. He had clearly brought Memphis Debay down, but touched the ball with his toe … Benjamin Heinrich from the 79th minute: The person from Leipzig had a lot to do in the exciting finale to stop the Orange Spin. It did well.

Antonio Rudiger: Still resting against Israel, the powerful central defender was back on the field and did his job faithfully and vigorously as usual. Although he sometimes had difficulty in following the fast Dutch. In the middle of the first half he grabbed Donald Malone from Dortmund and kicked him out with a very light bump in the penalty area. He drove smart enough and better than it was enough for a penalty. Otherwise, in his 50th international, he directed the defense well for a long time, was usually the winner in the air, but took the decisive blow too late in the equalizer, so Bergwig was unhindered to nail the ball past Newer.

Nico Schlotterbeck: Freiburger was still the man of the match against Israel. At all levels. According to ZDF expert Per Mertesacker, he made a frantic DFB introduction on the Cinshire lawn until the time of the injury. Flick took the player aside and explained to him that such a slope pass at the World Cup could be “deadly”. Schlotterbeck understood and now focused on avoiding further mistakes. What won, he saved the draw in the 82nd minute with a strong action just before his own goal line. However, this time there was no courage to build against Israel. But when he dares, it is usually dangerous.

David Room: Hoffenheim, who hits more crosses in the Bundesliga, was more offensive again than his right-handed teammate Kehr. The 23-year-old had a great chance to score his first international goal just minutes after the break – or a fantastic assist to Timo Werner who was just a few meters away from him in the middle of the penalty area. Ravum chose the shot option, which went wrong. Bitter to him, bitter to Werner. Denzil Dumfries jumped just before the goal line. Christian thug from the 86th minute: He was happy with his fourth appearance for Germany, and had nothing more to say.

Jamal Musiyala: Hard to imagine, but Musela would not have taken much to play for Germany, but played for England. He had two options. Fortunately for DFB and Hansi Flick, choosing his country of birth is becoming more and more a luxury issue for the national coach. FC Bayern’s diamond was able to prove itself as a “six” for the first time under Flick – and was also the best German outfield player. One for each other, capable of passing accurately, with a good eye – his whole game looks amazingly easy, even if he acts consistently. In this form it is more than an alternative. Knowing that, Flick sings a song: “Every individual saw the quality he had. It was clear beforehand that he was well-versed in owning the ball and how to make room for his own team. He’s very good. He can prepare the balls well. He did a great job. ” Florian Newhaus from the 69th minute: Helped bring the draw over time. Must prove itself in the Gladbach.

குண்டோகன்: Manchester City playmaker Central Midfield is nowhere like Musiala. Thus his less than 45 minutes against Israel was obvious. But it increased almost every minute in Amsterdam. The second half had more possessions and better ideas. Through his brilliant stance, he stopped many of Orange’s attacks early on.

Coy Howards: The potential key player of the German team did not dominate against Israel this World Cup year. He was careful on security passes and showed only a few triples. Repeatedly brilliantly rendered by the torn Daily Blind. The Champions League winner was looking for a free spot. So that didn’t end for long. Julian Brand from the 69th minute: The only Dortmund player received a few more international minutes from Flick, but was unable to promote himself. He could only be an alternative candidate for the World Cup.

Thomas Mல்லller: Yes, Mல்லllertomas, even if he does not succeed in everything, it is impossible to imagine this team without him. Always on the go, submissive when pressed, a real pain to the opponent. Also, he caught the legend Uwe Seeler with his 43rd international goal. He crossed the ball post with the official Karacho. A powerful end to a powerful attack launched by Musiala.

Leroy Chane: The FC Bayern winger got his first chance when he hit a pass from Mல்லller into the back net. But due to some background errors, his body language suffered as a result. Improved slightly after the change of pages, but continued to struggle with the passes of colleagues. Not in the first internationals under Flick. The line between normal and inattentive with him is very narrow. Julian Draxler from 86th minute: Such a short task as often happens in Paris Saint-Germain. Very little time for accents.

Tim Werner: The Chelsea striker, who has no happy phase, continues to gain Flick’s confidence. And he did his job resolutely. It was poisonous when pressed, had good running lanes and kept his feet in the game when M முller made it 1-0. A ball bounced off the top of the bar but was caught offside. Ravum turned down the best chance to score, preferring to score on his own rather than putting down a free Werner. He could not believe the outsider’s arrogance and made it clear to him what the best idea would be. Lucas Enmecha from the 80th minute: Completely different type than Werner, very beef striker. He looked for an immediate result and was stabbed almost too late as a joker after M முller’s pass.


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