With twelve against Freiburg: Will mistakes in the alternative be costly for Bayern?

With twelve against Freiburg: Will mistakes in the alternative be costly for Bayern?

With twelve against Freiburg
Are Transfer Mistakes Expensive for Bayern?

FC Bayern need to work long hours before a clear win against SC Freiburg is assured. But the game goes on for extra time, at least in the debates: the record champions have more players on the field than just a few seconds.

FC Bayern need to work hard to win 4-1 at SC Freiburg. It was 0-0 at half time, with Leon Goretska’s opening goal equalized by Freiburg’s Nils Peterson. It only became clear in the last quarter of an hour. But a clear victory could have embarrassing consequences for Bayern. Because in the scoring final, coach Julian Knucklesman makes an obvious mistake when changing: when the score is 3-1, twelve FC Bayern players are on the pitch for about 20 seconds at a time – and one more.

In the 86th minute Nakelsman made a substitute run: Theodore Submacano was replaced by Nicholas Sule, and Kingsley Common led to Marcel Sabitzer, who scored. But the Frenchman was not out when referee Christian Tingert gave the playback – and touched the ball again before he could rush. The hosts quickly identified the situation: “I noticed Nicky came in and no one went out,” SC defender Nico Schlotterbeck told Sky TV. He said, “Look at it and let the referee know. If I do not do that, he will never see it.”

The result was an exciting commotion and confusion around the fourth officer and minutes of discussion. Finally, after consulting with his assistants, Tinkert continued to play on the dropped ball. As the TV pictures undoubtedly proved, there was more than one player on the FC Bayern pitch. Violation of the rule.

Deedmar Haman, a former national player and now a ski expert, strongly demanded: “This is a violation of the rules and it should be punished,” Haman clarified. “I do not care how long it took or whether they scored a goal at that time. The DFP sports court should decide it now, but there is no doubt that it should be punished.” According to referee Tinkert, the confusion came from Kathleen Krueger: FC Bayern team manager gave Goman’s old shirt number – instead of “11” it was “29”. “It was a confusing situation. It showed double change and the wrong number. Koman did not feel addressed,” Tinkert told Sky. “We noticed it relatively quickly, consulted with Cologne and then continued the game on the umpire’s ball,” said referee Tinkert. “This one scene is so annoying to be stuck in such a big game.”

“Boil” first, then “think about it”

According to the rules of the German Football Association, the consequences for the evaluation of the game are not possible. “If a team official, substitute, substitute or sent player or third person enters the field, the referee must stop the game only if that person interferes with the game. In addition, the referee must “dismiss the person from the field after the game has been interrupted” and take appropriate disciplinary action.

ntv.de referee Alex Feuerhert (“Colinas Erben”) clarified on Sky: “If there was a goal for Bayern at the time, it should not have been counted. But it did not happen, so I do not expect any further consequences.” This event had no impact on the end of the game as Bayern did not score in the majority short period. A yellow card is only possible for Kingsley Common, who did not leave the field in time.

Freiburg coach Christian Streich analyzed the incident very calmly: “We do not have to object, but I’m sure there are rules. We abide by these rules and act accordingly. That is my understanding.”

For the DFB investigations to begin, SC Freiburg must file a protest against the game rating. Freiburg’s sports director Jochen Sear did not cause much anger immediately after the game. I can not judge them before that. “

Curiosity: Referee Christian Tinkert was already on duty when the worst mistake in recent German football history took place: in the first round of the DFB Cup, VfL made several changes in overtime against then-Wolfsburg coach Briusen Munster. The Bundesliga club then lost the game at the green table, shortly after Van Pommel lost his job.


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