'Wireless Device' pops up: Cheaper Chromecast is on the way

Not everyone needs a 4K Chromecast, so it might make sense to offer a cheaper model with a lower maximum resolution. If it was just a rumor so far, an identical “wireless device” is now appearing in the US regulator.

The new Chromecast appears in the FCC beta round

Chromecast started years ago as a small employee project, but is now one of the most widely used streaming devices in the world – and one of Google’s most successful hardware products. After there have been rumors since the beginning of the year that a new, cheaper version is being worked on in the background, there are now increasing indications of a new “Chromecast HD with Google TV”. This will be the first new broadcast on Google since 2020.
Google Chromecast with Google TVThe FCC is testing a ‘wireless device’, and there’s more talk about the new Chromecast

as such 9to5Google Reported, a newcomer to the Chromecast family is brand new to life again thanks to the US regulator FCC. Wireless recently passed the radio communications certification testing course there, which fits perfectly in the previous unofficial job description of the new Chromecast. From the FCC ID, G454Valso states that the device is made in Thailand, with a label “printed on the bottom of the device”.

As usual, the approval authority basically provides information about the connections that the new device can make. Accordingly, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are certified. A fairly good picture of the new Chromecast shows a schematic diagram and description of the test setup: “WLAN (2.4GHz) Link + Bluetooth Link (Bluetooth headphones) + console link + Video streaming (1080p, 60Hz, 4:2:2 , 12-bit) + 1 USB cable (charges from AC adapter).”

elimination process

And so the new Chromecast is confirmed by the cancellation process, so to speak: a smart speaker will do without mentioning the resolution, and Google will not need to provide a remote control for a smart display. So all the available data is fully compatible with the cheaper, non-4K Chromecast we first reported back in January. After visiting the FCC, official information should follow soon.

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Google, Streaming, TV, Chromecast, Google TV, Android TV, Dongle, Google Chromecast, TV Stick
Google, Streaming, TV, Chromecast, Google TV, Android TV, Dongle, Google Chromecast, TV Stick
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