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Who won the final? all information

Who won the final?  all information
Taste: Nominees, Jury, Chefs, Starters, Broadcast Dates - All information about the Sat 1 cooking program
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In ‘Taste’ 2021, wooden spoons have been swinging again since September 1st! But who will be the chefs on the jury this year, who will direct the cooking show and who will be the nominees for season nine? who is next? Who is out and who will win in the end? Everything you need to know about “Taste” at a glance.

Taste 2021: Who won?

Two nominees are kicked out of “Taste” on the show. The coach whose team lost in the team cooking must send a candidate home. And after individual cooking, all candidates with at least one red star for their spoon go to a filter boil. Then the guest judge decides which spoon is the worst.

Episode 9 (October 27): last! And that with two guest jurors. Former “The Taste” winner, Lisa Angerman, who has since received a Michelin star, is used to group cooking. When cooking alone, star chef Roland Trettle, who was coach at “The Taste” himself, evaluated spoons.

The rules are slightly different in the final match. In group cooking, one filter is excluded. He was arrested Tim from Team Tim Raue. Then there is a duel round and then the final cooking. hennaAnd Christopher And Pola Land in the first three places. The first winners can choose their fencing partner.

hennaAnd Pola And Katrin They oppose each other in their duels CriminalAnd Maximilian And Christopher Through – this turns The Ultimate Taste into a great finale for the ladies! During the final cooking, the decision is made: Pola from team Tim Raugh reigns against her opponents. Pola She is the winner of “The Taste” 2021 and can look forward to her cookbook and €50,000 prize! For Coach Raue, this is the first victory over “The Taste.”


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Episode 8 (October 20): Semi-finals! The golden star of the cooking team continues Hanna from Alex Kumptner Team. She is the first finalist. This time, to everyone’s surprise, there is no red star after the team has cooked, everyone is progressing. In solo cooking, he pays tribute to the red stars Janie (Team Raw) And Maximilian (Team Alexander Hermann), both should go to eliminate the boil. Maximilian lose and get out of it. or not? Alex Comptner Draw his joker and save it.

Episode 7 (October 13): Quarter-finals in “Taste”. Guest juror Ricky Sward will be in attendance today. Christopher (Team Raw) He gets a gold star in the cooking team, Hanna (Team Alex Comptner) He gets a red star. With that she is outside. In fact. because Alexander Hermann He draws his joker and inserts it into his team.

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I believe in individual cooking Criminal from team Tim Raugh along the line. He received three gold stars for his performance. The fourth golden star is coming Tania (Team Frank Rosen), but because she also receives a red star, she must go against it Tim (Team Raw)Whoever collects two red stars in the decision-making process. guest juror Ricky Sward decide to Tim – thus against Tania. For them, the show is over. And Frank Rosen He no longer has a team member.

October 6 Episode (6 October): Two chefs under special pressure: Frank Rosen And Alexander Hermann. They both have only one candidate in their team, so for Tanya and Maximilian, group cooking becomes solo cooking. When the cooking team gets Katrin from team Alex Comptner red star. Kumptner still decides to stay on the show, and gets cast Sabine Outside. The gold star is insured Pola from the team Tim Raugh.

After individual cooking, Hanna gets two gold stars, Maximilian and Katrin get one each. Janie (Team Alex Comptner)And Tania (Team Frank Rosen) And Tim (Team Raw) You should go to eliminate the boil after two and one red star each. Guest juror The Duc Ngo decides against Janni, who has to leave the show. In fact. But Alexander Hermann and Tim Roe both attract the Joker to Janie. Tim Raue’s team chooses and stays with “The Taste”.

Episode 5 (September 29): The rules for group cooking will be changed: 2 spoons must be handed out to each team – and all candidates of the winning team are protected from being eliminated in the individual cooking. Of all the people, Alex Kumptner’s team won, the only one still complete. Alexander Hermann team On the other hand, the following candidate loses: Chris Maximilian should go is the last candidate. Alex Kumptner’s Janni and Hanna earned a red star for solo cooking, but thanks to the culinary team, they’re safe. Lionel and Tanya from Frank Rosen’s team but not. However, the excretory boiling is not necessary because Lionel He went into anaphylactic shock and was no longer able to compete. So he got out.

The twenty-fourth episode of September.: Team cooking for Maximilian ends Alexander Hermann team With a red star, but the coach decides Tania eviction. Not surprisingly, Frank Rosen pulled his Joker and introduced the candidate to his team. In solo cooking, Luke (Team Tim Raue), Sabine (Team Alex Kumptner) and Leonel (Team Frank Rosin)—protected by the gold star in group cooking—receive red stars for Worst Spoon. Subject to decision-making on the issue of pasta look from Team Raw.

Episode Three (September 15): After the cooking team Michelle (40) from T.Its Frank Rosen The offer ended prematurely. After individual cooking gets Iowa (63) from Frank Rosen’s team All four spoons red. With that she is out without making any decisions.

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Episode Two (September 8): Stephanie (42) from Frank Rosen’s team Out after the team cooked. Marilyn (33) from Alexander Hermann team It flies after cooking alone.

Episode 1 (September 1): No filters were expelled

Who are the nominees for “The Taste” 2021?

Both amateur and professional chefs can participate in the “taste”. At the beginning of the season, it is decided who will get a place in one of the teams. As Saturday 1 showed, there were more than 2,000 applications – and 31 candidates successfully selected seats and are battling for 16 coveted spots on the teams at the start of the new season. 17 out of 31 women – more than ever.

Taste 2021: Who is on which team?

Amateur and professional chefs introduce themselves with the first spoonful at the start of the season. Coaches, with a taste for the blind, can offer candidates a place in their four-person team. If several members of the jury are interested, the candidate decides which coach to go to.

However, the difference is not in stone. Each coach has a clown with whom he can bring a retired candidate to his team.

This is the difference in “Taste” 2021 according to Episode 8:

  • Alexander Hermann team: Catherine (22, substitute for Messi)
  • Alex Comptner Team: Hanna (28, Joker in episode 7), Maximilian (33, Joker in episode 8)
  • Team Raw Team: Christopher (29), Paula (21), Tim (30), Janie (22, Joker in episode 6)
  • Frank Rosen’s team:

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When did “The Taste” start in 2021?

The wait is over: On September 1, the new season of “Taste” begins on Saturday 1. In nine episodes, every Wednesday prime time at 8:15 p.m., there’s competition and good taste.

What are the broadcast dates for The Taste in 2021?

  • episode 1: 01.09.2021, 8.15 pm
  • Episode 2: September 8, 2021 at 8:15 p.m. Guest juror: Star Cook Victoria Fox
  • Episode 3: 09.15.2021, 8.15 p.m. Guest juror: Cook Come on Molcho From Israel
  • Episode 4: September 22, 2021, 8.15pm, guest jury members: Joanna Meyer with the son Didi Meyer
  • Episode 5: 29.09.2021, 8.15 p.m., guest juror: Max Stroh
  • Episode 6: October 6, 2021 at 8:15 pm, jury member: Doc survive
  • Episode 7: 13.10.2021, 8.15pm, guest juror: Ricky Sward
  • Episode 8: 20.10.2021, 8.15 pm
  • Episode 9: October 27, 2021, 8.15pm

Where can you stream ‘The Taste’ online in 2021 and watch reruns?

In addition to Saturday 1 TV broadcasts, you can also watch the online cooking show in live broadcasts or watch missed episodes. You can find the stream and replay on .’s website Saturday 1 and above Gwen.

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Who are the jury members for “The Taste” 2021?

Filming for “Taste” for the ninth season has begun in full swing. Famous faces of the world of taste will once again take part in the jury this year: in addition to Alexander Hermann and Frank Rosen, Tim Rao and Alexander Comptner will taste and evaluate the dishes of the participants of the program “The Taste”.

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Who is the presenter of “The Taste” 2021?

Curvy model Angelina Kirsch has been buffing “The Taste” since 2020. Also this year’s season, the beautiful blonde will accompany the ninth season of the cooking show on Saturday 1.

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Who won past seasons of “Taste”?

Season 8 of “The Taste” in 2020 won jury member Alex Kumptner and his student Lars Fumic.

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The year before, Chef Marco and his coach Alexander Hermann won the “Taste” competition.

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What is the concept of “taste”?

Each season of “Taste” begins with team customization. In order to secure a place on a jury member’s team, candidates must prepare a dish within 60 minutes. Only one tablespoon of this dish is given to sworn chefs to taste. If a “taste” filter spoon convinces at least one juror, the chef has one more round. If several members of the jury fight for the candidate, he can choose which team he would like to join.

“The Taste” teams cook each episode with the guidance of their coaches to an expert who tastes and assesses spoons. In each episode, the candidate with the lowest rating on the chef team must leave the Saturday 1 show. In addition, another candidate with at least one red star flies.

In addition to the incentive to be selected as the best amateur chef in Germany, the winner of the culinary show can look forward to €50,000 and the unique opportunity to publish his cookbook.

Read more about “taste” here:


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