Erste Enthüllung bei "Wer ist das Phantom?" auf ProSieben. Wer enthüllt wurde, erfahrt ihr hier.

The big mystery will appear on Tuesday evening ProSieben Also without “The Masked Singer”: the new show “Who is the ghost?” by 26.10.2021 I started and asked again on German TV the big question: Who is behind this?

However, the format is only about a hidden star. Notable Investigators Nora Cherner, Caroline Herforth And Edin Hasanovic is confused from the first episode and they win themselves in it Seven rounds of clues About the identity of the ghost. The audience can also guess from home. Who was the ghost? You can find it here.

All information about the broadcast of “Who is the Phantom?” can be found Here.

“Who’s the Ghost?”: Notes on Episode 1

At the beginning of the episode, I saw one “Wanted” – Zettel With ghost image and engraving “dead or alive”. Then the ghost that traveled far traveled with you old car To the studio and ran to “James Bond”-playing music.

For every puzzle solved, there was a new clue. In general, celebrities can Five tips earns. You can see which one was here:

  • Note 1: The ghost was homesick – whole wheat bread, doesn’t speak the language and can’t even order a beer. After a long time, he returned home again 534 kilometers.
  • Note 2: Phantom has a fashion collection.
  • Note 3: The ghost lives in a mixed family and has four children.
  • Note 4: The ghost is a soft 10 and is dancing.
  • Note 5: The ghost has a tic streak and claustrophobia.

“Who is the ghost?”: guesses in episode 1

Who wears the fake outfit? During the opening presentation, the three outstanding detectives had completely different investigators Assumptions.

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  • Lucy from no angels
  • selfie miss
  • Lina Jerky
  • Lily Baker
  • Dana Schweiger
  • Boris Becker
  • Lothar Matthews
  • Rudy Fuller
  • Jogi Love

The Final guesses Shortly before the unveiling:

  • Edin Hasanovic: Gunter Netzer
  • Caroline Herforth: Dana Schweiger
  • Nora Cherner: Lothar Matthews

“Who is the Ghost?”: Revelation in Episode 1

Was a celebrity right in his assumption? Show it inspiration at the end of the episode. After seven rounds of puzzles, investigators and onlookers were curious as to who was hiding the dummy outfit.

The Dimaskirong I finally got the solution: The ghost was Lothar Matthews! So Nora Cherner was right in her assumption.


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