Several thousand people – 6000 according to a union source Saturday’s rally was organized near the Ministry of Health in Paris to demand an end to the closure of beds in public hospitals and an improvement in working conditions for caregivers. The “Ségur de la santé” salary increases did not cancel the demands. During their procession between Invalides Hospital, Necker Hospital and the Ministry, protesters carried the slogan: “We want beds and jobs for the general hospital.”

The Force Auvers, whose department at the hospital in North Mayen was at the origin of this demonstration, was joined by the CGT, SUD, several health care groups (Inter-Urgences, Inter-Hospitals, Health at risk) and some political parties (LFI and EELV) were Also present, as do small enterprise user associations such as Amilly (Loiret) or Longjumeau (Essonne).

We risk a wave of abandonment of caregivers

“We risk a wave of caregiver abandonment that will only get worse”, alerted franceinfo This Saturday, Isabelle Deguerre, head of pediatrics at the Necker Hospital in Paris, and a member of the Inter Hobito collective who also called for Saturday afternoon demonstrations in Paris. “We’re at a dead end, we’re department heads trying to manage misery”, lamented the doctor, who explained that Covid is “Developer” Lack of resources in public hospitals.

From her point of view, “The proposals to Ségur did not solve anything at all, that is, the proposals were salary proposals and in fact at least. They did not at all address the important issues of reorganizing the public hospital, the service which is a real problem.”

I have five out of 25 beds closed due to a lack of caregivers, while we’re in the middle of a contagious bronchiolitis epidemic and we have patients everywhere, in all the corridors.

In the department of pediatrics at Necker Hospital, Isabel Deguerre describes, “For over six months, I have five out of 25 beds closed, 20%, due to a lack of caregivers, while we are in the midst of a contagious bronchiolitis epidemic and we have patients everywhere, in all the corridors. Children’s emergencies are overflowing in all hospitals and in Necker Hospital, 12% of the beds are closed due to a lack of caregivers. So we have a very complex situation, and it is stressful for caregivers.”

“Covid has accelerated the deterioration of working conditions”This is confirmed by the French physician Arnaud Checci, anesthetist and resuscitator, founder of the Santé en Danger collective. corn “Covid has a good back because the hospital was already collapsing”, is considered the doctor who rules the executive branch “deaf” to the demands of the profession.

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Arnaud Checchi describesA deteriorating crisis situation has become the norm.” in institutions. “At the moment, a third of the hospitals in a white plan-What will happen next? “, he wonders. The White Plan is a crisis mechanism that allows specific individuals to be summoned and mobilized.

local issues

The Collectif de Mayenne, at the origin of this gathering, has reservations about the project to reorganize the Laval and Mayenne hospitals. On Saturday, the Ministry of Health was received by an elected delegation of officials, unions and hospital workers:We were listened to,” Pascal Granite, president of the Audace 53, was received by the Mayenne Users Association, but “Today, we haven’t really learned much”.

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About 300 people also gathered, according to the unions, this Saturday morning in front of a hospital Laval. a GrenobleAbout 250 people bombed the sidewalk despite the rain.

More than 150 people gathered in front of the hospital Shuttlerault, found by France Bleu Poitou. They are especially protesting the closure of the institution’s cardiology service, since on Friday, doctors are needed. Patients will now be treated in Poitiers, a decision that puts users’ lives “at risk” according to existing unions and nurses. “We must ask ourselves the question of gravity in public hospitals‘,” estimates Catherine Giroud, CGT Secretary at CHU de Poitiers.

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a KuttansIn Manche, nearly 100 people gathered in the town hall square, according to France Bleu Cotentin. Among them, caregivers, unions, and users who demand more resources for the hospital and more recognition for caregivers. They also alerted to a specific case: the case of the Avranche-Granville Hospital Center which had to restrict the emergency department due to a shortage of doctors.

Some emergency personnel of CHU Montpellier She also continued the strike movement to denounce the working conditions and overwork. According to Laurent Brun, Secretary of the Force Ouvrière (FO) Federation at Montpellier University Hospital, the building “Smaller and well-balanced. They are 20 years old and haven’t gotten bigger since.” Thus, there are nine treatment rooms and three intensive care beds in the emergency departments of the University Hospital of Montpellier.


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