The SV Pars Neu-Isenburg players, here Angelo de Carvalho (right), were usually a step faster than a Großkrotzenburger like Anil Ucar.
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The SV Pars Neu-Isenburg players, here Angelo de Carvalho (right), were usually a step faster than a Großkrotzenburger like Anil Ucar.
The SV Pars Neu-Isenburg players, here Angelo de Carvalho (right), were usually a step faster than a Großkrotzenburger like Anil Ucar. © Hardenfelser

Another big step in Hessenliga’s direction was taken by league leaders SV Unter-Flockenbach with a 7-1 victory over TS Ober-Roden, especially as second-placed SG Bornheim erred 1-3 against SG Rot-Weiss Frankfurt, which was threatened with relegation, and Root did not overtake Hessenliga. Third-placed Weiss-Darmstadt tied 0-0 with relegation candidate SG Rüsselsheim. JS Kabylie Rudgau, whose 2-0 win over Germania Ober Roden, and Hanau 1960 (3-1 at Spvgg. 05 Oberrad) are just three points behind second place.

In the relegation zone, Pars Neu-Isenburg won their basement duel against Germania Grosskreutzenberg 7-1, but with five games left in the season, they are still 10 points behind the Savings Bank. For Grosskreutzenberg, relegation to the group-league Frankfurt East was sealed with this defeat.

TS Ober-Roden 7:1 (6:0). TS had a very dark day, especially the first half will be remembered very poorly. “It was very small in all respects,” said Uber Roden coach Bastian Neumann, whose team trailed after just 40 seconds. In the break, table leaders Unter-Flückenbach, whom TS defeated 2-1 in the first leg, advanced 6-0. Among other things, Fabio Hechler scored three times. To make matters worse, Serkan Kozlu had to be substituted midway through the first half due to a muscle injury. TS, who ended the second week of three consecutive English Premier Leagues with a clear defeat, had to pay tribute to the heavy burdens of the past few weeks. After all, the guests got a consolation goal in the 70th minute through a goal by substitute Louis Roth after the preparatory work by Florian Henkel. The hosts, who slowed with their sense of victory, scored only once in the second half. For TS, there are six games left before the end of the round, four points behind the first relegation zone.

TS Ober-Roden: Schwaar – Dettki, Strauss, Henkel, Profumo (60 Bleibdrey), Siwek, Koser, Kozlu (25th Zeise), Firrantello (60 Roth), Fekade, S. Yildirim

Tore: 1:0 Arikan (1st), 2:0 Arikan (9), 3:0 Hechler (21st), 4:0 Hechler (29), 5:0 Division (37), 6:0 Hechler (39), 6:1 Ruth (70), 7:1 Schneider (79)

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Germania Uber Roden – JSK Rudgau 0:2 (0:0). For a long time it seemed that the derby would end without goals as in the first leg. With two late goals, the guests from Jügesheim decided the match themselves. “We dominated the game in the first half,” said Fabian Backer. “There have also been some promising campaigns,” said the Germania coach. However, the hosts haven’t been as consistent in front of goal as they were last time out at 5:5 at Wald-Michelbach. Then the second half was balanced. “Both teams were already ready for a 0-0 draw,” Packer said.

In the 86th minute, Max Enders, whose shot was parried by Germania goalkeeper Dennis Weinreich, gave Rudgauer the lead. “Then we threw everything forward and counterattacked,” Packer said. Petrit Holag scored the second goal for the fourth-placed team, which celebrated its 15th victory this season.

Germania Ober-Roden: Weinreich-Ries (79. Stemann), Marweg, Christophori-Como, Firat, Günther, Falk (70. Badjie), F. Kantz, Lehnert, Letellier (34. Geyer), Dapp

JS Rudgau: Czaronic-Sigmund, Tutuah Balestras, Palic, Nitoi Flores (63rd place Konstantinidis), d.

Tore: 0:1 Enders (86.), 0:2 Hulaj (90. +2)

SV Monster – Spvgg.03 New Eisenberg 2:2 (0:2). Neu-Isenburg got off to a great start thanks to goals by Luqman Al-Baghdadi who scored with a header, and Raphael Criss, who fired the ball to make it 2-0 after a pass by Mark Hussain. Neu-Isenburg showed a good performance in the first half. “Unfortunately, we stopped playing football after the break,” said New Isenburg coach Nick Janowski, whose team’s many failures and heavy workloads over the past few weeks were evident in the second half. “Monster was stronger in the second half and definitely deserved the winning goal,” Janowski said. Two goals from Anas Hamed (50, 66) were enough for the hosts to draw 2-2. “We controlled the match after 25 minutes,” said Munster coach Naser Selmnaj. When Tarek Hamed hit the crossbar (25), SVM was not so lucky, having pushed the equalizer to win Monster for victory in the last stage. “We were close to 3-2 a few times,” said Salmanaj, who noticed chances from Adrian Postal and Julian Hawther.

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Nick Janowski came over himself in injury time after being substituted for Robert Metzler, who hit his head at close range and suffered a minor concussion. For the new season, Metzler moves to the Rot Weiss Waldorf club in Hesse.

SV Münster: Wärmel – Seib, Ries (71 Huther), Wolf (36 Schrom), Postall, Ar. Sahitoli, Butt, M. Yildirim, T. Hamid, Hamid, Ann. sahitolli

Spvgg. Neu-Isenburg: Saula – Rubic, Metzler (90, +7 Janovsky), Diack, Züge, Kaya, El Baghdadi, Bickel, Fustero, Kreis (69th Uchida), Buschmann

Targets: 0:1 Al-Baghdadi (second), 0:2 circle (8), 1:2, 2:2 Anas Hamid (50, 66) – red yellow: trains (New Isenburg, 88)

Spvgg. Oberrad – SC 1960 Hanau 1: 3 (0: 2). 1960 Hanau exacerbated his opponent’s fears of relegation with a 3-1 victory. “I am satisfied because we were very influential,” said Barcelona coach Savas Erink. The match at the Frankfurt Beckerwiese stadium was by no means a certain success. The guests met a brave opponent, however, 0:1 started in the first half with a blatant defensive foul. Leon Wronski followed up well and rushed to make it 0-1 (43). Soon after the break, fifth in the table shocked Union Athletic again. After a good combination on several stops, substitute Luftrim Kodraliu completed a cross to 0:2 (48). Three minutes later, Erinc made the switch again and after a good ball from depth, Kohei Suzuki rushed in and scored to make the score 0:3. Hakan Gultekin made it 1:3 in the 57th minute, creating excitement. Oberrad is now much better at the game, grabbed hope and ran. Abdusamed Ersuz, returning to Hanauer Tor for the first time, proved solid as a rock during this stage. “He did a great save twice,” Erink praised.

The more Oberrad opens, the higher the chances of Hanau’s counterattack. “Unfortunately, the last pass or the last shot no longer works,” Erink said. So his team had to be vigilant to the end.

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SC 1960 Hanau: Ersöz – Mickley, Gültekin, Mahboob, Suzuki (68. Aygül), Aydin, Farahat, Bicakci, Wronski (46. Kodraliu), Parker (46. Makengo), Dos Santos

Tore: 0:1 Wronski (43), 0:2 Kodraliu (48), 0:3 Suzuki (51), 1:3 Gultekin (57)

SV Pars Neu-Isenburg – Germania Großkrotzenburg 7:1 (2:1). The explosion of SV Paris Neu-Isenburg’s performance in the past few weeks – four wins in the last six games – may be too late given the huge gap that still exists between the relegation-free places. Coach Christos Tsevnas had to improvise with the guests. Captain Mike Neuendorf and striker Connor Storm were injured, while young Timossin Sen canceled due to preparations for the Abitur tournament. Alessandro Frob gave Groskreutzenberg the lead in the 17th minute. The Isenburgers turned the table with two goals from corner kicks by Efkan Erdem. In the second half, SV Pars saved their opponent in a classic way. The lead at full-back gave the hosts wings, after Vladimir Trocic’s hat-trick between the 55th and 73rd minutes to make the score 5-1, the match was decided. Dominic Jordan scored half a dozen for Pars in the 79th minute.

“We were at a very high level with the defensive line,” Grosskrutzenberg coach Christos Tsevnas complained. The coach did not like the fact that his team succumbed to their fate completely defenseless. Compared to the performances of the past few weeks, this away game meant a clear step backwards from Großkrotzenburger’s point of view. “I would never have thought that something like this would happen to us again in this round,” Tsevnas summed up in a tone.

SV Pars New Isenburg: Bayar; Darwish, Jordan, Almbek, Muller (51. Nassif), Simsek, Kochio (64. Avo), Erdem, Trocic, de Carvalho, Idrissi (64. Shahines)

Großkrotzenburg: Sememey – Pock, Ragaman, Rubin, Ennin, Kqiku, Ucar (31. Saniyeoglu), Erinc, Fröb, Khederzahdeh (70. Menge), Sungun

Goals: 0:1 Fröb (17), 1:1 Erdem (33rd place), 2:1 Erdem (38th place), 3:1, 4:1, 5:1 Trucic (55, 64, 73), 6: 1 Jordan (ranked 79), 7:1 dervish (85) month/aren/kh


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