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Status: 20.05.2022 21:32

Production of the ID.4 series began at VW’s plant in Emden on Friday. It is the first electric car to be manufactured in Lower Saxony. The switch to the electrical site cost one billion euros.

After a 19-month conversion phase at the East Frisian VW plant, the compact SUV rolled off the assembly line. Serial production will initially begin with one shift, with a second addition in the summer. After Volkswagen’s location in Zwickau, Saxony, Emden is second in Germany where the ID.4 is manufactured.

Chip shortage still causes ID.4 production to stutter

The employees have been training to build the electric car for months. Several hundred test cars have already rolled off the assembly line. According to the Volkswagen Business Council, short distances, comfortable work and modern technology should help the ID.4 finish a few hours faster than a Volkswagen with a combustion engine. However, the lack of chips still caused production to stutter a bit. For customers, this means they have to wait months to get a new car. According to VW, ID.4 has already been sold for this year.

The second electric model will be built in Emden from 2023

In addition to ID.4, cars with combustion engines such as Arteon will also be produced in Emden until 2024. A Passat will also be manufactured there until the end of the year, which next year will be replaced by the second electric model – Aero B, a variant of the Passat electric. For this purpose, the plant will be transformed during ongoing operations.

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