Vodafone strongly criticizes Deutsche Telekom

Vodafone sees itself in cooperating with direct competitor Telecom treated unfairly – and expresses clear criticism. However, Telecom rejects these allegations.

Serious allegations from Vodafone against Deutsche Telekom: The telecom company accuses its rival of harming Vodafone customers. “It still often happens that our customers wait too long or in vain for telecom technicians to activate the new internet connection, while Telecom customers are helped faster,” Andreas Laukenmann, Head of Special Customers at Vodafone, said at Welt am Sonntag. (“Jerkin”).

The background is: Telekom’s competitors are renting company lines because Telekom has had a monopoly for so long. However, for communication, customers of Telekom’s competitors then rely on Telekom service personnel. However, according to Vodafone, appointments do not always go smoothly.

Deutsche Telekom denies the allegations

Now Vodafone has turned to federal and state politicians, the report says. The company appears to want to increase pressure on the Federal Network Agency to set clear guidelines, “WamS” writes on.

Because of understaffed and unsuitable.T . systems They say the release of Vodafone Telecom will be delayed beyond the period stipulated in the contract, sometimes for several weeks. “The affected customers canceled the Vodafone calls they had already requested and were provided with the connections by Telecom shortly thereafter,” the newspaper quoted the letter as saying.

Telecom strongly denies these allegations. “We treat all customers the same way,” a company spokesperson was quoted by WAM as saying. Telekom sees failure on Vodafone’s side: Vodafone can view and book necessary appointments via an interface. But Vodafone has not yet established the basic technical requirements for the group to be able to use the entire interface.

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