Viola Wetkind: Love news about the “love storm”!  Your newcomer is Sven Wassner

Viola Wetkind
After the split, he is now in a relationship with his serial colleague

Viola Wetkind and Sven Wassner at the 4th Sternstand Benefit Altimer Rally 2022 for Refugee Children from Ukraine

Viola Wetkind and Sven Wassner at the 4th Sternstand Benefit Altimer Rally 2022 for Refugee Children from Ukraine

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Romantic news about “Storm of Love”: Viola Wetkind and her co-worker Sven Wassner a couple! It was only in May that the actress announced her separation from her partner.

Through an Instagram post, Viola Wetkind, 44, confirmed her separation from her baby’s father. For a selfieAs he shows himself with former Michael and their son Philo Lou, he writes: “I think it’s time to clear up when doubts have accumulated comprehensively. Michael and I have been in a quiet and harmonious relationship separately for a long time. As for the parents, their son will come first. And to protect him, no further statement will be received from the actress in this regard. But the “storm of love” actress is now surprised with other personal information: she is in good hands again!

Love on the set of “Storm of Love”: There were sparks between Viola Wetkind and Sven Wassner

He met someone of his choice on the set of “Love Storm”. “At one point it started to shrink, and then our feelings slowly grew,” Viola described the exciting early days in an interview with her partner Sven Wassner, 42. The couple already live together: “Our feelings slowly grew. When we kissed.”

The Patchwork family works well with their ex and baby father Michael. “Michael is a great father. We continue to support each other,” he insists. Nevertheless, the divorce from Michael is in the room.

Viola Wetkind’s romantic carousel

So the love story of Viola Wetkind continues. He and co-star Jack Brewer, 65, who got married in 2008, have been trying to have a baby for a long time. After several failed attempts to conceive through miscarriages and artificial insemination, the couple decided to look for a sperm donor. Discovered Michael Fischer on the Tinder dating app. The “love storm” darling did not realize that Viola Wetkind would fall in love with a man who would help fulfill the desire of her mind. Viola Wetkind separated from her husband and became involved in a relationship with her sperm donor. Luck did not last. Now she has embarked on a new venture with actress Sven Wassner.

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