Home entertainment Viola defends herself after Heidi Klum’s decision – ‘a lot to ask’

Viola defends herself after Heidi Klum’s decision – ‘a lot to ask’

Viola defends herself after Heidi Klum’s decision – ‘a lot to ask’
This week, Viola suddenly flew to "GNTM" Outside.

This week, Viola flew by surprise from “GNTM”.Bild: viola.gntm22.official / instagram

Viola was or was definitely the most obvious candidate for the current season of “The Next German Supermodel” – not only because of her pink hair, but also because of her distinct personality. Many fans even initially speculated that the 21-year-old had been smuggled into coordination by satirist Jan Böhmermann., but this doubt was ultimately rejected. On the show itself, Viola was given mostly good chances.

So the events of the last issue came even more surprising: Viola had to pack her bags after confusing customers. Her mission in choosing the jewelry brand Six was to represent a scene in which she applies for her dream job and demonstrates her authentic style. Viola confirmed that her dream is to help the homeless – wearing a jacket and jacket. Somehow it didn’t add anything.

Now Viola has spoken out for the first time after her split from GNTM via her official Instagram account. On the occasion, she made it clear that she could not understand the criticism, at least in part.

Viola defends herself after Heidi Klum’s decision

First, Viola looked back at the Six selection in her story. “When I was teaching the platform, Heidi gave me advice that I should tell them I wanted to help the homeless because not everyone wants to go there.”, remembered. But even though that advice came from Heidi, Viola admitted that in the end the overall picture was missing: “But yeah, I think it was a bit messy with my story and outfit, because of course I wouldn’t go to work like that, but he wanted to be associated with modeling. “.

“It didn’t work out well,” was Viola’s conclusion in this section, because “a surprising number of positive things” were said of her.

In addition, the last episode featured a choice of fashion label LaLaBerlin, in which the following sentence was said about Viola: “I didn’t get any of it except for my hair.” Apparently, this criticism hit her a little stronger, because now the typical aspirant said:

“Actually, I thought they thought I was funny. But now I’ve seen on TV that nobody remembers anything about me except for my hair. And I must say: Well, I really can’t believe it, because you’re like ‘I’ve always seen, I already have a good knack for not forgetting’ “.

Viola's Comments on the Past "GNTM"-Produce.

Viola comments on the previous “GNTM” edition.Bild: viola.gntm22.official / instagram

However, in retrospect, Viola is critical of herself on social media. “My weakness until now has always been weaknesses”She admitted, for example, but made it clear that she had almost never been photographed (professional) before ‘GNTM’. During the season, she could see an improvement in herself, but Viola was now the end of the streak long before the end.

On her part, she criticizes the “GNTM” candidate.

Finally, she criticized the disqualified candidate Heidi Klum, because the assemblies on television conveyed to Viola that she was requested the most. Referring back to the pictures, she added, “Now that I’ve seen it again on TV, I feel like I’m often asked. I’ve already been asked to be in three different poses with three different wills.” Now that I’m on TV, I had a feeling that others didn’t ask for it. I found this kind of interesting to see.

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Viola did not receive any comments about her recent career while filming, but now she saw on TV that her situation was not well received – on the other hand, many of her competitors showed similar publications, so it was not a “single mistake”. At this point, Viola began to criticize again, because the desire for what was specifically needed was “not well communicated” here. Viola sums it up by saying, “The parades have always been about character.”



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