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Kissing lips tell of love…

Just a TV appearance. Pop singer Vincent Gross (25, single) and his duo partner Emilija Wellrock (28, single) have experience in the field. But this was different: because at the end there was a kiss – on the mouth!

Is it Love Bild in search of clues… to the secret of kissing Vincent Gross!

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Rust in Baden-Württemberg: “Immer wieder Sonntags” program presented by Stefan Murus on ARD channel at 11.50 am. Swiss and German, born in Ukraine, actress and singer performs her song “Where Love Lives”. All spectators notice how they wrestle on stage. Deep gazes, touches of longing.

Vincent Gross has already appeared on stage in all the popular TV showsPhoto: Getty Images

Well, show business.

You can feel in front of the screen that there is more. between the two. And yes. last bars. The well-trained former Swiss taekwondo champion and trained musician is getting closer and closer. Their faces touch. on the forehead. on the nose. An audience of millions watches them screaming: Now, at last, kiss her!

And a fact. His lips seek and find her. It looks mischievous. She makes it happen. His right hand gently caressed her cheek.

Are two professional artists kissing each other as part of their vocal performances – or do two lovers kiss?

Vincent Gross has the courage to face the questioning of tough love!

The question that arises after this charged performance: Are you a married couple?

His startling answer: “I’m so excited right now that I had to do it.”

Inquiry: What now? Couple, yes or no?

he said no. But she is the woman of the dream.”

Vincent Gross is very athletic and always in style

Vincent Gross is very athletic and always in stylePhoto: Vincent Gross Private

Why are you not a couple? Doesn’t everything sound so romantic?

The singer smiles: “I can’t really think of a reason…”

If you’re not a couple, why do you kiss on the mouth?

He smiles: “At that moment everything was fine!”

However, everyone who watched it noticed exactly that …

Pop singers Mighty Kelly and Vincent Gross often meet on TV shows and festivals

Pop singers Mighty Kelly and Vincent Gross often meet on TV shows and festivalsPhoto: private

How do you feel about each other?

“We have known each other professionally for a long time. And the single ‘Where Love Lives’ has been in my class for three years because I’ve been missing the right duo partner. I’ve found her now!”

Ummm! Now that’s not the answer to the question…

Vincent Gross and his colleague Sonia Liping sang on New Year's Eve at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Vincent Gross and his colleague Sonia Liping sang on New Year’s Eve at the Brandenburg Gate in BerlinPhoto: Getty Images

Well, first of all professional, harmless …

How did you find each other musically at all?

Then it comes out from the artist: “We met in 2019. I’ve already played in four of my music videos (“I’m Not Alone”, “About the Sun”, “Relaxing Time” and “Close Up”). And when we were on my team talking about this song again, My boss said, Ask Emilija. She graduated from music school and should already be able to sing. I called her right away and asked if she could sing the song on a trial basis. Then it took its course.”

Will you continue to sing together?

“I guess so. We also wrote the script and directed the current video together. And yes, I will be singing more duets with Emilija any time. We also have ideas for other projects. It remains to be seen if they will be implemented.”

Fine! Yes. As always, Vincent Gross is in a good mood and in a great mood: all this looks very positive.

So the question again: How do you feel about each other?

He smiles and answers charmingly: “Amazement, charm and a lot of fun.”

After all: now you can form your opinion …

At the latest after what Emilia Willrock told Bild when asked how she felt about the kiss: “Oh, the kiss was great. I had so much fun. The moment was just right.”

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