Video - Martin Blacher Confused About Monkey Pox: 'It's Weird, We Don't Understand'

Guest on CNews on Thursday morning, May 26, it is clear that epidemiologist Martin Blacher is back in the Covid-19 pandemic. But Romain Desarbres also asked him about monkeypox. Doctor mentioned A “new phenomenon”And “strange”.

Usually, to talk about Covid-19 that Martin Blacher is invited to the groups, but on Thursday, May 26, CNews morning presenter, Romain Desarbres, also wanted to have his expertise, in another disease which is an outbreak of monkeypox. The day before, the Minister of Health, Brigitte Bourguignon, announced the presence of At least seven cases “installed” Monkeypox in France. “When you have seven cases in France and most people recover after three weeks, you can’t say it’s serious, but There is something we don’t understand and those questions, on CNews Martin Blachier. Before adding: “The question is what do we do?”

“Either we wait to understand everything before we act, or we move to put an end to this phenomenon as quickly as possible.”Martin Blacher summary. “The stocks are there and we have a strategic stockpile and the vaccination will be a target. We are not talking about a full vaccination.”, Brigitte Bourguignon set on RTL on Wednesday, May 25th. For Martin Blacher, it is “A new (…) strange phenomenon”which he himself struggles to explain when there are nearly 200 cases in Europe. “What we haven’t seen before is outbreaks of this ‘monkeypox’ virus in many countries in northern Europe or the United States. There is something strangethe epidemiologist estimated to CNews on Thursday, May 26th.

‘It has nothing to do with Covid’

However, for Martin Blacher, who remembers that “Most people recover after three weeks.”the situation is not like that “Dangerous” Since then, according to him, monkeypox “not fatal”. There is no attraction factor. It’s just a completely mysterious thing.”wanted to be reassured, recalling that his transmission is often linked “very close contact”. ‘It has nothing to do with Covid, it has nothing to do with it’Epidemiologist concluded.

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