Home entertainment Veep, vape, hurray!: Linda Evangelista is feeling disfigured

Veep, vape, hurray!: Linda Evangelista is feeling disfigured

Veep, vape, hurray!: Linda Evangelista is feeling disfigured

Linda Evangelista reveals what’s behind her appearance, Johnny Depp defending himself against his image and presenter Nina Butt having a collar break. Are unvaccinated celebrities fleeing themselves to events with fake vaccination cards? Celebrity Week at a Glance.

She was one of the top supermodels of the ’90s, famous paparazzi fought for her, and made countless covers: Linda Evangelista is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. And of course, the best models are getting older, too. But when we occasionally admire Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell or Christy Turlington on select catwalks today, it gets quiet about 56-year-old Evangelista.

She also loves to use social media a lot. However, you can only find photos from ancient times on her Instagram account, for example. One of the last shots of the former model is about four years old and shows a middle-aged woman who no longer has such a skinny figure, but basically she looks completely normal. People just get old. This is the natural course of life, which not only models like Linda Evangelista want to cheat with the help of plastic surgery.

A few injections in the forehead and cheeks, the woman looks like life again. The fact that cosmetic interventions can go wrong is often overlooked. In a very personal statement, the Canadian revealed why she had not been seen in public for years: “To my followers who have asked themselves why I didn’t work while my colleagues’ careers were flourishing: the reason was that I was brutally disfigured by the wonderful process of carving (…)”.

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Linda is permanently “disfigured”, Depp defends himself

In fact, this method causes the fat cells to melt in the desired parts of the body by means of a targeted cold supply. However, the exact opposite happened with Evangelista: “It increased the size of my fat cells (…) and permanently disfigured me. (…) I was, as the media described it, unknown.” Paradoxical obesity hypertrophy made her “depressed” and “hermit”. But even though she no longer looks like herself, she finally wants to “walk out the door with her head held high” again. He might skip the pressure, especially at her job, to always look skinny and perfect!

He’s also made a name for himself this week: Johnny Depp. The 58-year-old has just been honored for the work of his life at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. Many boos could not be heard. Lately, Depp has had to take a lot of negative press, mainly due to his private life. He was even referred to as a “woman bat” and lost out on several role offers. Now the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star has stated that the excitement against him “pulled the rug out from under his feet”. He sees himself biased by the media and wants to restore his good reputation. How it works: Depp sued his ex-wife, Amber Heard, for defamation.

Love rumors about Jeslason and Bahdi

Meanwhile, love rumors about Rúrik Gíslason and Valentina Pahde continue. Since they swept the floor on “Let’s Dance” (up there with different partners), jungle radio that they’re more than just friendship has been buzzing loudly. At first, they were said to have been on vacation together to relax their bodies, tortured by rough dance training, and now they are said to have seen a turtle in Berlin.

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Although the “Let’s Dance” stars keep their private lives a secret, Pahde must be careful not to wear a jacket that is too baggy. Because you can see how quickly pregnancy rumors spread to fellow dancers Christina Luft and Luca Haney. The lovebirds have just set up a joint home in Switzerland, so it has already been said that the pregnancy is literally written on their faces.

And what else was happening during the week?

It’s clearly a pretty stark number, at least if you listen to what presenter Nina Bot has to say. The collar exploded this week. She learned that some of her prominent colleagues were apparently traveling with fake vaccination cards. Of course, these should also be shown at events. On Instagram, she has now come out and said that the organizer of the event she was invited to had “really had to remove two celebrities from the guest list”. “They have a vaccination card, but they bragged that they weren’t vaccinated.” Moreover: “The question of whether or not to be vaccinated is a completely different matter and everyone should ask themselves. But once you decide not to receive the vaccination, you have to face the consequences.”


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