Windows 11: Asus makes motherboards suitable for the new operating system with BIOS update
Windows 11

Microsoft may prevent the use of Windows 11 on Apple devices in the future. This at least suggests an error message.

  • Microsoft Windows can also be used on a Mac via programs like Parallales.
  • Microsoft has now announced that Windows 11 does not support MacBooks or iMacs.
  • Installing certain preview versions of Windows 11 already causes error messages to appear on Apple devices.

Windows 11 will be released this year and the first beta versions will already be available. Many also use the Microsoft operating system on Apple devices with the help of certain programs, such as Parallels. However, this may become more difficult in the future.

Parallels also offers a trial version of Windows 11 for Apple users. In this case, there was an error message. Accordingly, a Microsoft spokesperson is the opposite record Make it clear that using Windows 11 on a Mac is an unsupported scenario.


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But now Parallels has released a new version. Version 17.0.1 somehow bypassed the Windows block and is now working properly again.

Even if the program now works again, it is unclear what the future of Windows will look like on the Mac. Microsoft’s previous actions certainly do not indicate a positive attitude towards Parallels. Whether you can use Windows 11 on a Mac permanently remains unclear at the moment.

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