USA: Mitt Romney compares Donald Trump's lies to wrestling offer

United States Senator Monastery Mitt Romney He is considered one of the harshest critics of the Republicans Donald Trump. Now compare his way of doing politics with that of wrestling. Romney told CNN that Trump’s “big lie” about losing the US election to alleged fraud is “a bit like the WWF.”

“Funny but not real”

The ultra-conservative politician uses the WWF to refer to the old name of the “World Wrestling Foundation”, now “World Wrestling Entertainment”. The fights are staged there and acted out – but they have to look real. “It’s entertaining,” Romney says. “But it’s not real.”

Romney considers Trump’s election fraud stories to be conspiracy myths. He’s sure that most American citizens will know that Trump has been lying about this issue.

Former President Trump left the presidency on January 20 after his election defeat to Biden. The 75-year-old has yet to admit his electoral defeat. At the weekend it was five months since his term expired He debuted again in a big career. in the United States Ohio Trump said under the slogan “Save America!” – “Save USA! “In front of thousands of followers. There he repeated his accusation of electoral fraud.

against the leader of your party

Trump’s fellow party member, Romney, has been standing against the former president for a long time. after this Storm on the Capitol This is what Romney got in Congress with six other Republicans Discuss dismissal procedures They supported the then president. However, that was not enough for conviction due to the lack of a two-thirds majority in the Senate.

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The US senator had already participated in impeachment proceedings a year ago due to the Ukraine issue Vote against Trump – At that time as the first senator in the history of the United States to turn against the leader of his party


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