BUDAPEST (AP) – Prime Minister Victor Orban’s right – wing Nationalist Fidesz party has won a landslide victory in Hungary’s parliamentary elections.

After counting 90 percent of the vote, he received 54 percent of the vote, according to the Hungarian election office on Sunday evening. At the same time, he may have won 135 of the 199 orders, thus regaining a two-thirds majority in parliament.

The opposition coalition, Hungary in Unity, won 35 percent of the vote and 56 seats. Our House Party, a far-right party, also entered parliament with 6 percent of the vote and 7 seats. The mandate to reach national races went to the representatives of the German minority.

“We had a huge victory,” Orban told supporters on election night. “A hit is so powerful, you can see it even from the moon, but of course you can see it from Brussels.” He noted his persistent conflicts with the EU since 2004. Orban is now expected to amend the constitution for the fourth time and rule with a two-thirds majority.

Leading opposition candidate Peter Margie-J admitted defeat. “But we are here, we support everyone, we are on the heels of power,” he said. The coalition of “Hungary in Unity” consists of six parties, including the Left, the Right, the Green and the Liberals.

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