Ars Fisher shook his head after 30 minutes because he did not like what he saw. 1. FC Union Berlin, where he coached, fainted in the overall toughest Bundesliga game against Armenia Peelfeld. 90 minutes later, the Berlin team cheered, with substitute Kevin Behrenz scoring in front of 11,006 spectators late for a 1-0 (0-0) victory (88th minute).


There was a minute of silence on Saturday afternoon: after a collision with Fabian Close, Timo Bomcard lay there, was badly hit in the head and taken off the field by stretcher after half an hour of play. Peelfeld and Berlin fans enthusiastically praised him. After the game, stadium announcer Christian Orbit announced that Palmcord had fainted on the pitch for a while, but was later re-admitted to hospital. Game presenter David Joram watched Berliners’ 1-0 win at the stadium and rated Under Alten Firststory and Union players.

Union Berlin in Personal Criticism: Arminia score 1-0 victory over Peelfeld

Union Berlin in Personal Criticism: Arminia score 1-0 victory over Peelfeld


In the early stages of the fight, the Peelfeld team was visually superior, but the Berlin team never got into trouble. Occasionally does not come from the union, with occasional half chances. Overall, however, Coach Fisher’s team lacks the playful simplicity of opening the gaps against a well-organized fieldfield.

Almost the same picture in the second half: Union struggled, without precision and combinations, appearing from time to time in front of the goal of Peelfeld Union goalkeeper Andreas Luth. While many on the pitch were already expecting a 0-0 win, substitute Kevin Behrens scored the bell as he hit the ball under the roof of the goal to make it 1-0.

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