“Typhoser” with a different ending than Amazon Prime: You can listen to the template for erotic thriller for free – Cinema News

“Typhoser” with a different ending than Amazon Prime: You can listen to the template for erotic thriller for free – Cinema News

From this weekend, the erotic thriller “Typhoser” with Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas will be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. If you want to know how the original story ended differently after the film, you can easily grab the audio book.


“Tiefe Wasser” was eagerly awaited by many – not only because there were sparks between the (now separated) stars Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas during the filming of the movie, but also because the film adaptation of the novel came after 20s. The annual break marks the return of a major erotic thriller for 80-year-old director Adrian Line, who once caused a stir with films such as “9 Weeks” and “A Fat Affair”.

Now you can access “Die Fay Washer” on Amazon Prime Video, the interest is high accordingly. Reviews and voices on Internet shows vary widely (for example, the average rating is 51 out of 100 and the user rating is 3.8 out of 10). Metacritic), But some need to discuss the outcome as well.

“Deep Water” on Amazon Prime Video*

After the release of “Typhoon Washer”, we did not expect it at this point. Like our review, we would like to point it out again Especially in the end there are big differences between the movie and the original book The Talented Mr. Ripley is written by Patricia Heismith. If you do not know them yet, but are interested after seeing them, you can catch them in many ways.

“Deep Water” in Audible and Spotify

Of course, you can always catch the novel “Die Fe Washer”. The Amazon AudioBook operating system both Audible and Spotify streaming provider offer a completely free version in which you can read the story.

“Deep Water” (novel) on Amazon.*

In both services, the audio book “Tiefe Wasser” is included in the subscription. There are definitely costs for such a service, but you can try both for free for a whole month. If you already have an Amazon Prime subscription (you should see “Die Fay Washer” anyway) the trial period increases to two months, which finally gives you enough time to cheer up the whole book.

In 2005, WDR produced the somewhat complex two-part radio drama based on “Tiefe Wasser” (Ben Affleck co-star with Rufus Beck), which had long been on the broadcaster’s official channels. Unfortunately, this is not currently the case, but when browsing the web you may find what you are looking for in one or the other video and audio sites from third-party providers.

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