Two years later: Cedric and Lisa Teuchert celebrate their wedding

finally can Cedric T-shirt (25) and his partner celebrate their love! The professional soccer player has been happy in a relationship with Lisa for years. The two got engaged in 2019 and got married shortly thereafter. A big celebration including a free wedding was planned for the following year – but the ceremony was canceled due to the health crisis. With a delay of two years Cedric And Lisa is now celebrating their wedding in a big circle!

on me Instagram Lisa has now shared some impressions of the festivities. It took place in the dreamy atmosphere of Ibiza. The beauty set out in a white strapless dress with lots of lace and a flowing skirt. Cedric She also wore an elegant white outfit. One of the photos also shows a lavish wedding bouquet with flowers and orchids.

Had to attend the wedding Cedrex Bring the club back a bit. Because the player from Hannover 96 missed a preparatory match in Ramlingen. But in this romantic event, his colleagues will certainly realize that they had to do without the striker.

Cedric Teshirt in a match in February 2022
Cedric T-shirt with his wife Lisa in May 2019

Instagram / lisi_teuchert

Cedric T-shirt with his wife Lisa in May 2019
Cedric T-shirt in a Hanover dress 96


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