Brno According to Zee Meyer of the University Hospital Brno, the Brno anticoagulant cocktail still does not want to serve everyone. However, since it contains hyperimmune plasma, this may change.

LN: What are the main benefits of your cocktail?
First, it must be said that it must be submitted in a timely manner. Our patients have very weak immune systems, almost nothing. Therefore, it is very dangerous to wait for their immunity to the corona virus. The advantage is that Remdecivir acts as an antiviral antibiotic. In addition, plasma, ranging from donors to coronavirus, is tested for virus-neutral antibodies, such as a cocktail of ingredients that the patient cannot develop himself. In this way, we will not allow the virus to grow in patients and weaken them further. The 100 percent success rate in 28 patients is not a complete coincidence.

LN: So time is of the essence. When should the material be managed?
The sooner the better. We are talking about patients who have not yet been included in any study on the corona virus or vaccine. For example, they have two tumors or are prone to a second recurrence of cancer. In such a category, whatever the patient is, it is a different case. This is not like the group of thousands of patients with high blood pressure. We are talking about the most dangerous and the most vulnerable people. Once such a patient has a corona virus symptom, his course worsens and treatment should not be expected to begin immediately. Can’t wait like other patients.

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LN: What is the possibility of use in risk groups?
It is possible, but although both components of the drug are proven and safe, it may be unnecessary. However, we teach students who have no symptoms to treat the disease, which is automatically contradictory. Not relevant. Plasma or remtacivir, which is given later in life to non-cancer patients, has no effect when they are on a ventilator. Remdecivir is expected to cause mild pneumonia in normal patients. We can’t afford it.

LN: High-risk patients do not have to end up in intensive care
You can say it. However, it would be tricky for me to prescribe this outside of proven hemato-oncology patients. This may require a medical examination, for example, in diabetics, people over 70, and other risk factors. But I do not want to say that we will give our medicine now to everyone like the supporters of another Invermect cocktail. I want to be very careful. However, plasma has already been shown to be effective in other groups of patients, so rational basis for such a hypothesis. There is certainly no reason not to prescribe hyperimmune plasma from previous sufferers, and the physician may consider the addition of Remedicivir to a higher risk for specific patients. However, this cannot be recommended.

LN: What about the availability of Remedivir and Plasma at this time? The first few are the first few.
It is fully available to us and there is no problem with that. Its use must be approved by one of my colleagues at the Infectious Diseases Clinic. At the moment, our pharmacy and children’s hospital have twenty pieces. However, dealers operate every weekday, and the weekend delivery point is St. Brino University Hospital. Annie. As far as plasma is concerned, there is no problem with this.

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LN: You have given this medicine to 28 patients and you have achieved maximum success so far. But what does the number say about the evidence for your progress?
Twenty-eight patients at risk are not a small number, but on the other hand it is an outcome after two months. In the Czech Republic, 15,000 people are affected every day. In our case, they are “hyperrismatic”. I think a third of them will die if they go under other circumstances. When we come to 30 patients, I would like to describe it to a professional magazine.


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