Turning Google Pay into Google Wallet: Starting a major restructuring of the payment platform – and that’s about to change

Turning Google Pay into Google Wallet: Starting a major restructuring of the payment platform – and that’s about to change

Payment platform Google Pay It should gain more momentum after a longer period of stagnation and receive many new jobs that are not yet integrated or not sufficiently integrated. For this purpose, a renaming has already been announced by Google in google wallet Giving, which looks like it’s going to be rolled out these days. We’ll show you what’s changing.

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A few weeks ago, it was announced that it was all about the payment platform Google Pay There should be a small reboot, which should bring the system to the three different applications now and at the same time make the platform fit for the future. To do this, there will be a change in the new application google wallet Giving, which serves as a first example and will integrate with previous Google Pay functionality.

[Phone] Updates the user experience to the latest Google Material designs, and renames it to “Google Wallet”.

The transition should begin shortly after the announcement and now appears to be: as part of the latest Google system update It says that the renaming will be done in Google Wallet. It’s not clear if this is just a new logo and name or even a new app interface. So far, it may not have reached any users and it is very likely that it will also affect US users first. System Update does not specify any regional restrictions (it never happened).

So that you are prepared and know exactly what Google Wallet is all about, you will find all the important information about the new platform and its announced functions below. In the first step, not everything will be available everywhere, but the most important details should also start directly in Germany.

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google wallet

Google Wallet aims to digitize all the possible things in the wallet so that in the future you will only need your smartphone. This ranges from payment options to car keys to identity or vaccination certificates. Google has already announced the following things and promised more. They want to create ways for users to store things that Wallet doesn’t officially support. However, no details were provided.

This can be saved to your Google Wallet

  • credit cards
  • Boarding Permits / Travel Tickets
  • loyalty cards
  • event tickets
  • car key
  • Student ID cards
  • vaccination certificate
  • Driver’s license (later this year)
  • Hotelschlüssel (coming soon)
  • Büro badges (coming soon)

This is too much. Credit cards are also managed with Wallet, but using your smartphone to pay at the supermarket remains the primary task of Google Pay. In this way, both products remain, even if in most cases the user will only interact with Wallet. The following Twitter animation nicely summarizes how to configure Google Wallet.

But that doesn’t mean Google is now cleaning up and has only one app worldwide again. Instead, there are still three different configurations, but at least we German-speaking users belong to the rest of the world this time, which is the absolute majority.

Google Pay Google Wallet Map

Google Pay will become a Google Wallet in almost every country in the world where Pay was previously possible to use. In the USA, on the other hand, Google Wallet and GPay will continue to exist in parallel. Apparently they are still pursuing some plans with GPay that can’t be squeezed into the wallet payment corset. The question is: If this works, will things soon change again in the rest of the world? A missed opportunity in my opinion. And India is another chapter of its own, because there is absolutely no wallet in the subcontinent.

It remains to be seen how successful this reboot will be. I can imagine many users won’t be excited about Wallet at first. Because by default they only have their credit card, which they suddenly need two apps to manage. But Wallet must also fill itself with reservations, tickets, accept customer cards, and save other things. After a certain transition period, it may have been worth it, and Google is on the right track with Apple’s recipe in this area.

According to the announcement at the time, the switch from Google Pay to Google Wallet should start in the following weeks, so the current announcement should be treated with caution and we have to wait and see if anything worth mentioning actually happened.

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