Truck carrying migrants crashes in car chase

nAfter a police chase, I got into a van with 29 migrants on board Czech Republic has crashed. Today, Saturday, a police spokesman said that six people were seriously injured and 15 sustained light to moderate injuries, CTK news agency reported. Among the wounded were five children. Rescue workers were on site with a large unit.

Coming from Slovakia, the truck driver did not stop at the border control point at the Lanzot crossing. While being chased, he reportedly tried to force a police car off the road. He eventually lost control of the car at an intersection in Breclaw and crashed into two parked cars, a road sign and a house.

According to media reports, the migrants came from Syria. Preclav is located about 230 kilometers southeast of Prague. The Czech Republic temporarily reintroduced border controls with Slovakia on Thursday. This was justified by the increase in the number of immigrants entering illegally on the so-called Balkan route to Western Europe.


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