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Trevor Young on MSC Seaview Highlights

Trevor Young on MSC Seaview Highlights

How does design affect the guest experience?
If you look at the ship from the outside, it becomes clear at first glance. If you step into a port and see several cruise ships, the MSC Seaview will immediately stand out because they look so different – all the ships in the Seaside class do – and everyone will be happy. The ship has a “Wow” effect! All the outside areas, the beautiful shape, the stern with glass elevators, the glass bridge called “The Bridge of Sighs”, the pool at the back and much more. And when guests come on board, they notice that this is a really beautiful ship. You get the impression of space and light, no matter if you are indoors or on the open floors.

What is the biggest challenge in construction?
The challenge was to connect all of these external areas and also connect them to the internal areas. When guests walk along the promenade and move from one area to another, we had to create a natural “flow” from the inside out. With every new ship we build, we try to improve the experience. Since MSC Seaview followed the MSC Seaside sister ship very quickly, it was really important that we use and apply all the knowledge we have to improve the guest experience.

Does an increase in the outer surface affect the sailing potential and characteristics of a ship?
They do! All of this flows naturally into the ship’s architecture when we design a ship. You have to look at it from different points of view, like how the wind affects the ship, how we put the lifeboats, which is very different from other ships. It has a huge impact on these traits, but you have to start from scratch. When we came up with this original idea at the shipyard, we ran a lot of calculations and testing to make sure it worked. Next, we discussed the feasibility and safety with the regulators. It’s a simple process on other ships, it definitely took longer here because the ship is so different. In general, there was a lot of testing, a lot of testing, a lot of calculations, but it worked very well and the Fincantieri Seaside ships are doing very well.

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What is the center point of the ship or where is the core of the ship located?
I think the most central point of the ship would be the lobby. It’s not only the reception area, it’s also the meeting point when you step on the ship, you have restaurants and bars there and you also have entertainment and animation. It really is a living part of the ship and it’s definitely versatile.

Why did you install a zip font on MSC Seaview?
We are always looking for the special things for families and looking for new experiences. We wanted to offer something different for the whole family. The zip line sounded exciting, but how should we go about it? So we put them right on top of the ship and created these rings in the stern that the guests pierce through. It also helped us revitalize more technical areas. Because usually the areas where cable cars are placed are just technical areas that remain unused for guests. And now we can suddenly offer passengers a new experience – right at the top, very high on the ship. This is so exciting! This is what we will do with all our ships in the current fleet. Not only will we make zip lines, but we’ll make special areas come alive for guests – it’s all part of the ‘Journey of Discovery’.


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