Traumschiff: Viewers are going crazy over this scene

Traumschiff: Viewers are going crazy over this scene

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06/12/2022 at 10:20 pm

Dream ship through the ages

Dream ship through the ages

Ship of Dreams has been on German television since 1981. ZDF has already broadcast more than 80 episodes.

Show description

The ship of dreamsIt runs Sunday evening (June 12) with an episode on ZDF channel. In it, the cruise ship sets its course to Hawaii.

This leads to a spectacle of many of my viewers.”The ship of dreams“He could freak out—but wrongly. But one by one.

Some fans agree: this will happen with “Traumschiff”.

That’s what it’s about: A family patched up on the beach in Hawaii and wants to surf. As the father and daughter manage to catch the waves and head back to the beach, his girlfriend and son are already waiting there on the sand.


The ship of dreams“: Captains of the luxury steamer ZDF

  • Gunther Koenig as Captain Jens Brask
  • Sasha Hun as Captain Victor Burger
  • Heinz Weiss as Captain Heinz Hansen
  • Siegfried Rauch as Captain Jacob Poulsen
  • Florian Silberian as Captain Max Barger


In order to score points with him, the father wants to go surfing with his step-son Moritz shortly thereafter. Suddenly the mother says: “Watch out! The current is very strong.”

This statement invites many viewers to plan. Fans on Twitter agree: Now a big misfortune must be imminent. We’ve collected some fan feedback:

  • “It doesn’t mean that anything else happens to Moritz.”
  • “Oh oh! Incoming drama! “
  • “The current is so strong! We all know what’s going on.”
  • Moritz happens 100 times a day.

Traumschiff: Suddenly the story takes a turn

But the fans are wrong. What seemed so obvious to viewers takes a turn. Because Moretz doesn’t even go surfing with his stepfather because the two don’t get along well.

What is the new episode ofThe ship of dreamsYou can now see what viewers have to offer in the ZDF media library.


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