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Top 10 Nintendo Console Games


If you have a Nintendo Switch, you can’t save yourself from good games. Since the console’s release in 2017, a lot has happened in terms of gaming, luckily there’s no slack evasion like that found on the Wii U. But what Switch games are really worth it? What titles can you use to immerse yourself in another world on Nintendo Switch Lite & Co.? And which ones provide you with months of fun? in our area”Best Switch GamesA list We’ve compiled our top 10 favorite games – and it’s not just Mario games!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The best Nintendo Switch games are of course led by a longtime favorite – Mario Kart! If you are in the mood to spend long evenings with your friends, it is really exciting Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Definitely the right choice – after all, up to twelve players can play against each other in manual mode, up to four on a single console. But the game is also really fun on its own by playing either against computer opponents or in online mode. In the racing game, you have 36 characters (including Super Mario and Toad of course) and 48 racing tracks at your disposal, so you’ll never get bored.

In addition to the classic racing and online multiplayer with different speed levels, the game also comes with some battle options that you can compete in. But be warned: Mario Kart and the cleverly launched red tanks have already put some friendships and relationships on the line.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

In the TV Movie editorial team, we all agree: We love the entire Zelda series – But above all, we love Breath of the Wild.Really, it’s all about her. Intuitive operation, beautiful graphics, numerous main and secondary tasks that occupy us for months, as well as a fairytale. In “Breath of the Wild” you can shoot, tame wild horses, solve challenging puzzles, collect ingredients, cook and of course fight monsters thus freeing the land from evil and saving Princess Zelda. All this in a huge open world that needs to be explored which gives you a lot of freedom to solve the game.

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By the way, you can spend about 50 hours in the main game alone – but with all the pieces you can also get 200 hours. We agree: every Switch owner should try this game at least once – and for every Zelda fan, it’s a must anyway! The only negative point about the game: there is no co-op mode – so if you are looking for a game that you can play with your friends, you should look for an alternative.

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Super Mario Odyssey

Just like the Zelda games, the Super Mario series is a true classic among Nintendo games. Of course, that’s why Switch game associated with “Super Mario Odyssey”It shouldn’t be missing from our list. The reinterpretation of the series of games convinces us above all of the new character Cappy, with which you can control not only Mario, but also your opponents. This also allows for a fun co-op mode, so that you can play the game as a couple – for example with your kids, for whom the game is just as good as Nintendo fans of older ages.

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But also the many lovingly designed game worlds, in which there is so much to discover, inspire us. The game is played faster than Zelda, for example, but if you want to collect all the collectibles together, you can spend at least 50 hours in “Mario Odyssey”.

Luigi’s Palace 3

For a long time, Mario’s twin brother Luigi has been in his shadow – but with his own series of games, he’s also become increasingly popular with Nintendo fans. ‘Luigi’s Mansion’ gave us a lot of spooky fun on the Gamecube and Nintendo 3DS, but it will From Switch version still exceeds. With some kind of special vacuum cleaner, Luigi takes on a ghost hunting mission in a huge luxury hotel. Just a cool concept that convinces with a cool personality and flat design.

The game can be played alone or with a friend – and also offers a multiplayer mode where up to eight people can play together either locally or online. This makes the game enjoyable long after you’ve played the main story.

Monster Hunter Rise

The popular “Monster Hunter” series also deserves a trip on Switch: in “Monster Hunter Rise” you play the role of a monster hunter of the same name again. At first, you start with small cattle, only with the help of stronger equipment (and better weapons) you can then deal with the real giant. In an RPG, for example, they wander through a dense forest, a dry sandy plain or a dark lava cave.! – end ->

But: there are of course some innovations on the Switch: the dog-like Palamute is your extra option, for example, with the climbing rope beetle, you can climb up steep walls or pull yourself forward in a fight with it. ! – endfragment ->! – startfragment ->

Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate

Another classic Nintendo game: “Super Smash Bros.” There are 72 amazing playable characters with their very own characteristics In this version to switch Really a lot to discover. The action packed game with Super Mario & Co. Great fun especially in the multiplayer mode, whether it’s local or online.

But be careful – especially for inexperienced players, the game is full on top, a lot at first. But you quickly learn the principle of the game and are very excited to become the master of “Super Smash Bros.” Final.

Pokemon sword and shield

Of course, the latest Pokémon games should not be missing in our top 10: “Pokémon Sword and Shield”. Here you travel as a Pokémon trainer through the new Gallar region and encounter completely new Pokémon.

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As in previous Pokémon games, you’ll catch wild Pokémon and battle other trainers to become the Pokémon champion. You can also compete against other players online – however, a paid Nintendo Online membership is required.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

There’s another Zelda title in our top 10, and it’s “Link Awakening”, a new version of the Game Boy released 26 years ago. Needless to say, the new version includes some updates and, above all, the graphics have been greatly improved. But of course, well-known and popular aspects such as the style of 2D platforms have also been preserved.

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In the action adventure, Link is stranded on a strange island and has to make his way through many dungeons and defeat monsters to find his way home. The story and concept are reminiscent of the classic Zelda games and should therefore especially inspire fans of the series. The only bearer: The game is not as long as other similar platforms.

No more heroes 3

in a “No more heroes 3Antihero Travis Touchdown returns – and experiences perhaps his most fun (and deadliest) adventure on Switch: once again slash your way through hordes of opponents with a Beam Katana (your trusted laser sword) until you finally reach (and get killed) one of the ten crazy bosses.

In between, brightly colored and sometimes intentionally cut hack and slash games results with mini-games, lots of humor, and of course another totally insane story. No wonder – Goichi “Suda 51” Suda has once again captured the creative direction of the series.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The newest game on our list is just the thing if you just want a break from your hectic life: Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game is the newcomer of The Switch from 2020 and it is not just a thing for fans of the series, but also for newcomers.

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In the game, which is run by chance in real time, you are transported to an island that you design according to your own ideas. To do this, you collect raw materials, make tools and furniture, and relax with activities such as gardening or decorating your home. Of course, you can also play with friends who can visit you on your island or live on it.

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Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch the games

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You can buy Nintendo Switch games here

There are several ways you can buy new games for your Nintendo Switch. First of all, there are the classic standard games that you can pop into the console with a game card and then play – you can buy them from online providers like Amazon, for example, but also from retailers. Feature: Here you have stylish packaging at home that you can put on your shelf. You can also take the toys with you to friends or lend them to them. Another option now available for the majority of Switch games is to download them to the console via the Nintendo eShop. This way, the game certainly cannot be lost, as it is instantly saved on the console.

What are the upcoming Switch games in 2021?

2021 still has some exciting titles ready for the popular Nintendo console – Including for example “Metroid Dread” or “Pokemon Radiant Diamond / Pokemon Luminous Pearl” . A complete list of all of them Switch Spiel 2021 We have collected for you in this article: – end part ->! – start pane ->

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What is the most popular game on Switch?

Best Switch Games? Somehow they are always the same. because The most popular game on the switch is of course “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe“* – At least if you go by the sales numbers. In 2021 alone, the fun racer enjoys According to Statista Sold over 35 million times worldwide. In second place: “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” with a staggering 32.63 million sales.

Which Switch games are still worthwhile?

In addition to the best games mentioned above, there are of course a lot of “honorable mentions” (games that narrowly didn’t make it to our top ten). The other contenders for the best Switch games are Hades.Super Mario Party“*,”A ring fit for adventure“,”The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt“*,”The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening” as “three houses*From the RPG series “Fire Emblem”.

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