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Connection between teeth and cognition?

It seems that regular dental cleanings and good gum health in front of you cognitive decline and appearance mental illness to protect. On the other hand, poor gum health and tooth loss are associated with an increased risk of cognitive problems.

In a new study, experts from University of Eastern Finland A comprehensive review of relevant studies addressing periodontal health, cognitive decline, and/or dementia was conducted. The results can be displayed inJournal of the American Geriatrics Society“to read.

The results of 47 studies were evaluated

During their research, the researchers found a total of 2,132 studies on cognitive decline and 2,023 studies on the topic of dementia. 47 studies (24 for cognitive decline and 23 for dementia) were included in the current review.

The evaluation found that poor gum health (defined as periodontitis, tooth loss, deep periodontal pockets or alveolar bone loss) is associated with 23 percent Increased risk for cognitive decline and mother 13 percent It was linked to an increased risk of dementia, the team reported.

Dementia and cognitive decline from tooth loss

In addition, tooth loss independently increases the risk of cognitive decline and dementia. A stratified analysis based on the extent of tooth loss found that Partial tooth loss It plays an important role in cognitive decline.

Complete tooth loss It also has a significant impact on the likelihood of developing dementia, the researchers reported. However, the overall quality of the evidence is rather low.

Dental health monitoring to prevent dementia

Overall, the results emphasize the clinical significance of Monitor and manage gum health I The context of dementia preventionAccording to the research team.

Even if the knowledge so far is not enough to name reliable methods for early identification of people at high risk and the most effective measures to prevent cognitive decline.

Taken together, the evidence suggests that Poor gum health and tooth loss in particular risk Cognitive decline and dementia upload. However, the available evidence is still so limited that no firm conclusions can be drawn.

More research is urgently needed

So far there is more Well-designed studies The team adds. (as such)

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