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The 2021/22 season is going to be extra time for our capital club. Despite the struggle and interest, a late goal at Dortmund 1: 2 and a goal from Stuttgart in extra time ended in a bitter end after 34 days. But we stick together, shaking each other! Especially now! On May 19 (8:30 pm) our team welcomes the third-placed team in the 2nd Bundesliga – now Hamburger SV – to the Olympic Stadium. On May 23, at the same kick-off time, the second leg will be played by opponents from under the house. “One thing is clear: we have two games, and in these two games we have to fix it. The boys need to have confidence that we can pull it off in both of these games! That’s okay, “says Freddie Bobby. Compulsory funding.

Members and fans with the season ticket have the right to a first refusal

Tickets for the fight at the Olympic Stadium are now available in all fan stores (digital format), hotline and Realism. Until the end Monday noon Club members with season tickets (2019/20) and blue and whites have the right to a first denial, thus securing up to eight tickets. Fans with 2021/22 season tickets or a five-game package will receive a ticket code via the newsletter and can book additional seats. In the distance 12:00 p.m. Then the free pre-sale will start. We want to feel supportive of all of you, so we’re glad to be able to deliver at the box office on match day! Recently, parts of the East Curve have been blocked for active viewing by fans.Our fan department contact point. Fans with a disability season ticket and members with a disability pass with a B score, please contact [email protected]. Hertons, come and support us. Together we can do it!

Outbound tickets from Tuesday

We are counting on you in the second phase as well. We will let you know about the ticket situation immediately after the matches on Sunday the 2nd Bundesliga. Wheelchair fans and the blind should send their ticket requests to [email protected]. Blue and white are our colors, Hertha is our club! We will carry you in our hearts – we will never isolate you!


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