Home entertainment Today’s crime scene: “The Evil King”: This is what awaits you at the Ludwigshafen crime scene today

Today’s crime scene: “The Evil King”: This is what awaits you at the Ludwigshafen crime scene today

Today’s crime scene: “The Evil King”: This is what awaits you at the Ludwigshafen crime scene today

At today’s Ludwigshafen crime scene, little is as it sounds. Odenthal and Stern investigate a web of lies and delusions. Is the “evil king” worth it? Crime Scene Criticism.

  • “Evil king” is the name of the new king Crime scene Outside Ludwigshafen, Held Sunday (April 11, 2021, 8.15 pm) at First Run.
  • Kiosk owner was killed. It feels like a routine for the investigators. But Lena quickly got into it Odental And the Joanna Stern In the game left a psychopath.
  • In our crime scene quick check, you get all the information about commissioners, plot, criticism, and actors.

Summary: Sunday’s Ludwigshafen crime scene is in quick check

A stall worker in Ludwigshafen was brutally murdered. It sounds like robbery – were it not for the coins in the dead man’s windpipe. An indication by Lena Odenthal (Ulrike Folkerts) and Johanna Stern (Lisa Bitter) that there might be a special motive for the act. Its investigation focuses on two kiosk customers.

Anton Mahler (Christopher Scharf) appears charming, taking care of his sick ex-girlfriend and over-adjusting to the inspectors that he seems suspicious again. On the other hand, Jannick Berg (Bukowski House) was not only seen with a potential murder weapon, he tried to evade police officers and sow distrust in Anton Mahler. Witnesses and suspects lying and covering up are nothing new to Lena O’Denthal and Joanna Stern. But this time, they get the impression that they are supposed to be manipulated outside of the usual range.

Behind the night booth, Anton Mahler finds the body of Sandro Esposito (Christoph Gugler).

Photo: Benoit Linder, SWR

Review: Is It Worth It Worth Hearing “Tatort: ​​The Bad King” Today?

“The Evil King” could be the dark psychological drawing of a narcissist – if it weren’t for all of the characters, as is often the case. Ludwigshafen Crime Scene, Completely overloaded. That might work for the strongly contrasting colors in which director Martin Eagler captures the midsummer heat in his crime thriller. It is unreal with the characters.

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What can be noted positively, as in the latter case: Stern and Odenthal become a real team, and Ulrike Folkerts’ character takes advantage of the ability to bring down the hard shell and show sympathy. Sensitivity the makers of this episode were hoping for a little more.

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Joanna Stern and Lena Odenthal make a shocking discovery.

Photo: Benoit Linder, SWR

Actors: These are the actors at today’s Ludwigshafen crime scene

  • Lina Odental: Ulrike Volkerts
  • Joanna Stern: Lisa Peter
  • Anton Rassam: Christopher Sheriff
  • Yannick Berg: Bukowski Hole
  • Caro Minert: Lana Cooper
  • Murad Korkmaz: The Free Black Sea
  • Peter Neubauer: Bernard Conrad
  • Edith Keeler: Analina Schmidt
  • Peter Baker: Peter Espelor
  • Dr. Ozkan: Kailas Mahadevan
  • Ludger is satisfied: Daniel Wagner
  • Sandro Esposito: Christoph Googler
  • Greta Mankovic: Betina Kamensky

Crime Scene: Preview, Stream, and Full Episodes in ARDMedia Library

The First It shows all crime scene episodes in parallel with the Sunday TV broadcast as a live broadcast on ARDMedia Library (To the media library). The episodes can then be accessed there for six months – for youth protection reasons, however, only between 8 PM and 6 AM.

Commissioners: Odenthal and Stern crime scene investigators at Ludwigshafen

Ulrike Folkerts as Lena Odenthal is the longest-serving crime scene detective. Chief Inspector of Rheinpfalz Police Headquarters in Ludwigshafen has been pursuing criminals since 1989. In November 2019, she celebrated her 30th anniversary with Taturt’s 70th assignment in “The Palatinate from Above”.

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For two decades, Odenthal teamed up with Mario Kopper (Andreas Hoppe) until he left at the start of 2018. The loss of her long-term partner, sometimes even her roommate, is a problem for Odenthal – more than what the powerful police officer wants to admit.

Joanna Stern, played by Lisa Peter, joins Cooper’s team. It doesn’t always go smoothly between the young fellow who comes from LKA and the assertive Odenthal. No wonder: the Chief Inspector has a mind of its own.

Odenthal is an exemplary police officer – hardworking, committed and energetic about it, but he’s not always the perfect team player. She never avoids a conflict, always expresses her opinion – and follows after, even if she is wrong about it.

Crime scene draws millions in front of television Sunday after Sunday.  But who decides where?  These Commissioners or Teams are currently featured on TV.

Crime scene inspectors: who is investigating and where?

Photo: Benoit Linder, SWR

Press Reviews: Ludwigshafen’s Critique of Recent Crime Scene Cases

Broadcast Dates: These are Tatort’s upcoming Sunday episodes

  • April 11.:Crime scene: The evil king “(Ludwigshafen)
  • 18 – April:Crime scene: The power of the family “(Hamburg)
  • 25 – April:Crime sceneWhat we inherit ” (Schwarzwald)
  • 02. May:Crime scene: Rhythm and love “(Munster)
  • 09-May:Crime scene: Conspiracy “(Vienna)

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