Time and time again on Sundays: The master hides it - to protect fans

‘Over and over again on Sundays’: Stefan Murs hides it – to protect viewers

06/19/2022 at 10:45 am

Time and time again on Sundays: Three facts you didn’t know about Stefan Murs

Time and time again on Sundays: Three facts you didn’t know about Stefan Murs

Stefan Murs has been running “Always Back On Sundays” since 2005. Here are three facts you didn’t know about the trumpeter and singer.

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Gentlemen, is this hot? The temperature is expected to reach 40 degrees in some parts of Germany on Sunday (June 19, 2022). In the middle of the incandescent furnace:Every time on Sundays-Arena at Europapark Rust.

Already appeared a little sweaty.”Every time on Sundays“- Mediator Stephen Murs Sunday morning on the stage of his live show ARD. But a little heat can’t hurt an experienced medium.

‘Over and over again on Sundays’: scorching heat in the rust of Europapark

“Welcome to ‘Always Sundays’ 2nd edition, how could it be otherwise, straight from Europa Park in Rust. I just looked behind the scenes, it’s 37.8 degrees in the shade now. Here in the arena, I’ll tell you later. But we’re looking forward to A wonderful Sunday morning with a heart,” Mr. Mouss greeted his fans with a smile on his face.


this “Every time on Sundays“:


But of course the moderator is also responsible for his fans who take the heat. “Why do I tell you later about the temperature here? I don’t want to frighten my own gift, 2,135 people in the spectator’s yard, note for themselves that it’s hot,” debunked the ‘always Sunday’ legend.

The 46-year-old also sent a special thank you to his team and the entire “Immer wieder Sundays” crew, who have been preparing for the show in the sweltering heat for days. Yes, these people are really unenviable. One can only hope that everyone drinks enough and survive the successful show.


More about “Every time on Sundays“:


After “Always Ones” before “TV Garden”. Here you can read the ZDF presentation in the live stream.


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