Three Years Old: Mia Reagan shares cute pics with Romeo Beckham

Mia Reagan and Romeo Beckham (19 years old) celebrate their love! In June 2021, the model and son David (47) and Victoria Beckham (48) made their love official on the red carpet. Since then, there has also been a lot of flirting on the Internet. But the two have been in love for a long time. Mia And romeo Already celebrated its third anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, the couple shared cute couple photos!

via Instagram The 19-year-old posted five snapshots of her time with the celebrity scion. On one of them, the couple appears at a wedding romeo Brother Brooklyn Beckham (23) and Nicola Peltz (27) were spotted. “I love you forever. Three years with you around the sun”flowed Mia in her post. Moreover romeo Dedicate a post to the blonde. He wrote: “Three years. Damn. I love you so much.”

These expressions of love are probably above all romeo mutter Victoria I like to read. The former Spice Girls member is said to be hoping to get married soon. Her husband David must see it differently. The former kicker believes the two are still too young to marry, according to an insider.

Mia Reagan and Romeo Beckham
Mia Reagan and Romeo Beckham
David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, London, 2014
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