Threatening gestures against island nation: China defends exercises on Taiwan border

Threatening gestures against the island nation
China defends exercises on Taiwan border

Chinese military machines repeatedly invaded Taiwan’s air defense zone. Beijing justifies its maneuvers with the island nation’s aspirations for independence. The People’s Republic of Taiwan warned that detachment would “only bring bad luck”.

According to official reports, the recent maneuvers of the Chinese armed forces are aimed at independence efforts in Taiwan and the intervention of other countries such as the United States in the conflict. Taiwan State Council Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang told reporters in Beijing that the exercises were necessary to “protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity.” “Taiwan independence will only bring bad luck to the people of Taiwan.”

The military actions increased tensions over Taiwan. A record number of Chinese military aircraft have repeatedly breached the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) to test air defenses. In the coastal province of Fujian on the other side of the island’s Democratic Republic, Chinese forces clearly practiced beach landing maneuvers.

The communist leadership in Beijing considers Taiwan part of the People’s Republic of China and threatens to occupy it. Chinese State and Party Chairman Xi Jinping increased pressure on Saturday and called on 23 million Taiwanese to join the People’s Republic of China peacefully. He warned that Taiwan’s secession “will end badly”.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen refused the request. The future of a democratic state can only be decided by the people themselves, but they want to preserve their free way of life. Taiwan has long realized that it is independent anyway. The conflict also strains relations between China and the United States, which are committed to Taiwan’s defense capabilities and supply it with weapons. Beijing accuses Washington of meddling.

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