This is what the new Outlook for Windows 10 looks like

© Photo by Tadas Sarr on Unsplash

According to reports, Microsoft is working on a file Email client for Windows 10To replace your existing mail and calendar applications. This new client, which is based on Outlook Web, is codenamed monarch.

According to a report in Newer Windows Microsoft confirmed in a document that one of the “one look‘Customer works at Windows 10 operating systemAnd the macOS and about web interface Works. This enables the company to replace existing customers.

The first screenshots showing the new Outlook app are now featured. The rounded corners of the window, which will be used in all native Windows applications in the future, are amazing. Include new functions Org Explorer, in which you can view the contact details of other people.

sun, valley

It is still not clear when exactly the revised mail client will come. However, it is very likely that in the context of “sun, valley“Updates to date will be expected a number of other visual innovations. In addition to design changes, the task manager will also receive new functions. For example, the new “economy mode” should make it possible to control selected processes.

Exact release date for the update with the official name 21H2 It is still not specified. In any case, it should be distributed to Windows users in the fall.

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