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These are the most unpopular brands in the world

These are the most unpopular brands in the world

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Global brands are also getting a lot of hate or at least negativity on Twitter. In Germany, Amazon is the first for the user, and in Great Britain and the USA it is the transport service of Uber. This is evidenced by an analysis of 1 million brand-related tweets fromrave reviews„. Gamers love to complain about these brands. Thus, the most popular gaming brand in Germany and 22 other countries is Ubisoft.

Microsoft is not particularly popular in the US

RAVE Reviews used the SentiSt Strength language analysis tool to assess whether individual tweets were negative or positive about brands. Then they determined the percentage of negative tweets for each brand separately for each country. The result: in Germany, half of the tweets about Amazon are negative. This makes the online retail giant the most popular and global technology brand in Germany. The Swiss treat Uber equally, making it the most hated global brand out there, as well as in the UK and US.

The graph shows the percentage of the population that dislikes one of the most popular brands worldwide. This shows that the strongest and most recognizable brands are not automatically the most recognizable. Source: Rave Review.

When it comes to tech brands, the Swiss and Americans complain the most about Microsoft, while the British agree with the Germans: Amazon is evil. In Austria, on the other hand, Google scored the worst among tech brands with a third of negative tweets. Up to 64 percent of Austrian tweets about Sony are negative, which means the country is in line with the international trend. Because the entertainment group is the most hated global brand in ten countries – the highest value among the global brands recorded in the study.

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Canadians hate Pokemon

Video game maker “Pokemon” Game Freak has achieved a rare feat: In Canada, 100% of tweets about the brand were negative. Game Freak is also the most hated gaming brand in Australia, Great Britain and the USA, with a value of 85 percent and more. However, Ubisoft is internationally the biggest target of hate and the most unpopular gaming brand in 23 countries. These include large and important markets such as Brazil, Russia, the entire DACH region and the collective home of France, where three-quarters of tweets about Ubisoft were negative.

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