Home Top News There is only one draw at Roadinghouse – RWE loses the promotion race

There is only one draw at Roadinghouse – RWE loses the promotion race

There is only one draw at Roadinghouse – RWE loses the promotion race

Roading-Weiss Essen did not exceed 1: 1 at Roadinghouse. A goal by Daniel Heber saves RWE in the second half.

“Through wind and rain, through storms and snow” – says the Road-Weiss Essen board bus. Fits! It was actually winter on the way to Rodinghausen. But by the time of the kick-off, April had an understanding and its bizarre weather had stopped. The lawn at Weihenstadion was surprisingly beautiful despite the rain.

RWE coach Christian Neuthard relied on the same starting line-up for the recent 5-0 win over Schalke II. Captain Marco Kehl-Gomes, who canceled his yellow card against S04, initially sat on the bench.

Neatard had asked for courage and action from his boys, but even the host had decided to take the initiative. A good prerequisite for an exciting fight.

RWE considers – but Rodinghausen takes the lead

Rodinghausen was initially very compact, usually receiving only guests in the center row. RWE felt the ball held 80 percent, but could not get through the dense block. RWE controlled the game and had the first dangerous scene. Jonas Hildebrand crossed, but Steven Liverence felt the ball in the middle (3rd).

And then out of nowhere, neck blows to the Essence. Heartbreak tried to clear former Enzo Wirtz from behind, hitting the ball and the opponent. The referee awarded it a penalty and gave it a free kick. Simkala took accurate measurements from 20 meters and efficiently circled the ball into the corner to give SVR a 1-0 lead (15th). First shot towards goal, first hit.

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The red-and-whites were looking for a playful solution in midfield. But they were strong and had a tough time against the two-way opponent, for whom it went as desired. He was able to counter-attack and was without danger with the fast Simagala and Wirtz.

Captain Kehl-Gomes gives new momentum

In RWE, of course, there was pressure in the boiler due to residue. RWE Sports Director Jன்rn Novak protested loudly when Conde received his third yellow card after the break with Hersbrook and Hildebrand. It cannot be said that every misdeed of Essence will be punished in yellow.

Of course, it did not help. The RWE struggled with the result several times, especially when the opponent saw Rodinghouse handball in the penalty area, but the referee decided on a free kick for the hosts (71).

On the other hand, the attack did not cause any excitement. After a Kefkir side, Hildebrand went into the outer net (35th). After a while, Simon Engelman tried it from a distance because SVR goalkeeper Sebalt was in front of his box. The ball flew better than the target. In attack, the table runner-up should be high.

Capitano came in the second half. The war with Kehl-Gomez must increase in force, but the attacks must also be compelled. After all, “KG” was one of the team’s most successful goal scorers. But it didn’t work properly.

Daniel Heber scores to balance RWE

So a standard had to balance things. Conte scored a free kick in the middle, with Daniel Heber taking it off and going to the far corner to make it 1: 1 (60th). It is well deserved.

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The RWE attacked everything, and Young and Bronikave came into action and increased the pressure. Esan was also lucky when Shimkala went free (75th). But it was mainly towards the goal of the host, whom he frantically opposed, and still saw the chance to win.

The Red-whites were close: Pronikov (86th) failed, Heber missed a diving header in a corner (87th).


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