Among other things, Messrion proposes the use of church buildings as non-consumption areas for those in need or victims of sexual abuse or abuse of power by the Catholic clergy. He told the Evangelical Press Service (epd) in Cologne that the rooms should be “warm places for the homeless, social places for the lonely and places of hope for the depressed.”

Use church buildings only on Sundays

Churches should be open for meetings or food distribution. The church rooms are very nice and the services are very effective in reviving only a few visitors on Sundays. The Messianic Catholic Church demanded that “its power be manifested” and, above all, that women participate in all structures.

The theologian criticized the “innocence” of the clergy who believed that a church without women could continue to be built: “If there were no women, the church would collapse.”

The new book appears

Mesrian’s book, co-authored with artist Lisa Cotter, was released on Monday. In it, the authors complain that “at one time the fertile breeding ground for the gospel of Jesus was dried up by the heat of its power in many places in the Church.”

Messrian and Cotter accuse the Catholic Church of failing in the areas of Christian love-based love, community, liberty and justice.

Maria 2.0, an anti-church women’s movement, should allow women in all designated offices, abolish compulsory celibacy, and fully and explicitly expose cases of abuse in the Catholic Church. In January 2019, five women from the Church of Heilic Cruise in Munster gathered together and sent their request in an open letter to Pope Francis.


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