Can the whole project be rejected by the objections of the European Commission?

We argue before the European Commission that everything is fine because ČEZ will produce electricity, sell it to the state for 60 euros and sell the market electricity in the market. But we hide the fact that there are massive subsidies behind this, because CEZ could not sell for 60 euros, it would have to sell for 150 euros. In the eyes of the European Commission, this is unthinkable. The whole project is at a dead end. The only ones who could win that tender were the Russians, but they should be eliminated now. Let’s admit that they will be in the tender and then some state system will say it is not right. At that time, the Czech Republic will become part of the mediation. It makes no sense to let the Russians into the game and remove them during the tender. If we exclude the Russians today, the tender makes no sense because there are really no candidates.

Today, a payment costs 40 euros, which is more than once expected. All power plants burning with coal will turn into dinosaurs and will not be able to run them. The fascinating thing is that there is no discussion about half the failure in production. How does the kernel solve this problem?

I disagree a little. We found ourselves in something made in Germany, which is the biggest surplus of electricity. In 2011, when they decided to close the center, they stressed that a large amount of renewables had grown in Europe. No one uses electricity from renewable sources. Over the past 10 years, a large surplus has developed in the Central European region, which has reduced the cost of subsidies and electricity. We have now come to the point where the Germans are finally getting ready to shut down the nuclear power plants they promised. We will very quickly find ourselves in a situation where the Germans have become one of the largest exporters of electricity, but now they can find themselves in a situation where they have to import, especially in times when it does not shine and feet.

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J.Can coal-fired power plants continue to operate?

I think we can get down to a situation where they act as cool and ready resources. They will be given enough money so that they are not much surprised and will only wonder if we need it in the winter. Ultimately, it will be paid for by the consumer. As the owner of a coal-fired power plant, I am not afraid that I will not make a profit. All producers have received payments of 20 euros for 2023. Those feet will come in three years when we can expect a completely different electricity price. We will need coal-fired power plants due to lack of adequate electricity.

But this is not technically so easy because the boiler has to burn.

From this point of view, it is better to have a steam power station. The Germans are well aware that if the Nord Stream 2 is not completed, the closure of the nuclear power plants will deprive them of their full energy (green energy conversion program) basis. Therefore, they need gas and have to operate closed and non-profit power plants. For these two decades, there has been no other solution but to extend the life of nuclear power plants and steam gas sources instead of coal-fired power plants. Now we should have created an alternative variant to the development of the Czech energy sector, where steam-gas power plants will be built. They will be created and it will be solved. But they arise in a confusing and uncoordinated way. Politicians play a card instead. A unit of a nuclear power plant in Dugoani. What is the best block, a block will not solve anything. By 2045, four units with a capacity of 2000 MW should be shut down, but we want to build 1,200 MW. It’s a game with nothing, no one, it’s a vacuum. This is a game around money.

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