'The perfect celebrity dinner': Meün guests explode at the seams!

‘Perfect celebrity dinner’: Guests explode on their collars at the menu – ‘Do they want to provoke me?’

“The Perfect Dinner”: You Definitely Don’t Know These Crazy Facts

‘Perfect Dinner’: You Definitely Don’t Know These Crazy Facts

Even if you’ve been following “The Perfect Dinner” for years, you definitely don’t know these crazy facts.

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Celebrities are cooking again. This time “The perfect celebrity dinnerAs a guest on the sunny island of Mallorca. In the ‘Goodbye Germany’ edition, some cult immigrants cook in teams for €10,000 for a good cause.

Participate in “The perfect celebrity dinnerDanny Buchner with her eldest daughter Giulina, Youtubers Lou and Lisha Savage, immigrants Marco and Tamara Gülpen as well as Licia and Mark Wycislik. On the second day, celebrities were invited to Gülpens. All the guests lose their appetite just by looking at the menu.

The perfect celebrity dinner‘: Gülpens’ list stirs excitement

One he doesn’t like, and the other doesn’t eat it: There’s just annoying when Danni Büchner, Licia Wycislik, and Lisha Savage see the list. It starts with appetizers. “No! I don’t eat zucchini or salmon. What’s the rejection of that?”Lisha complains of zucchini and salmon rolls.


This list is from Tamara and Marco Gulpin”The perfect celebrity dinner“:

  • Appetizers: zucchini and salmon rolls
  • Main course: chicken breast stuffed with shredded cheese, melted herb cheese, jalapeño topped with bacon, mash, green asparagus
  • Dessert: strawberry tiramisu
  • Recipes are available on Vox.de


And Lycia was imagining something else, too: “Well, I really don’t like eating fish. I think salmon now is the worst thing that can happen to me.Oh oh, that doesn’t look good at all. Youtuber Lisha Savage is actually the hardest hit of the list. She doesn’t go with appetizers at all: ‘What’s that?’ Do they want to provoke me?That sounds like a bad mood and a few points. Or?

The perfect celebrity dinner‘: A bright spot for Lesha Savage

After the main course didn’t quite match the ladies’ expectations either, Lesha Savage found a light at the end of the tunnel: dessert. She seems to be looking forward to it: “I think this will be my main menu for today. I’m feeling full with strawberry tiramisu today. Yes!”Fortunately, Tamara and Marco Gulpin did not notice any of these negative comments from the guests.

It’s even better, because the two are excited enough. You can see if the list tastes better than you thought and who will win the race at the end of Sunday evening from 8:15pm on Vox or in the media center on RTL+.


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But not only food plays an important role inThe perfect celebrity dinnerWhen it comes to table decorations, you also have to score points. Unfortunately, this famous lady missed it.


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