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HomescienceThe mystery remains in Margarets

The mystery remains in Margarets

Behind the barricades, residents gather, taking advantage of the passing of heralds. Hervey is in the crowd. He almost missed this last day of votive festivities… And for good reason ! “I was sick two days ago. Stomach ache, diarrhea… It’s kind of daisy I think!, He explains, preferring to laugh at the situation. He is not the only one: in recent days there are many similar cases in Marguerite, near Nîmes.

Residents wait before passing manadiers
Residents wait before passing manadiers © Radio France
Arno Roszak

Of the thirty or so spectators, very few wear the mask. From his tape La Madonne, Jean-Philippe watches the scene. According to him, the lack of distance certainly contributed to the spread of the disease: “It’s party time, people are on top of each other…Moreover, it looks so contagious!“Margaret City Council has analyzed the city’s water. The results are good, so the problem is elsewhere. Lack of hygiene? Contaminated ice cubes in drinks? stomach? Rumors are circulating. “Everyone is a little in the fog“For several days, patients of all ages were regularly coming to his house to get their medicines,” says Remy Piras, a pharmacist.

Two paths have been carefully checked

At the moment, the regional health agency is working on two tracks: Virus and food poisoning. While waiting for the results, some residents got tired of the excitement. This is the case with Jay: “Even stomach, things have gone wrong now! On social networks, some say anything and everything. It’s kind of an extension.. “

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