The Mars probe seems to be overlooking life on Earth

Packed with the latest technology, the Mars probe cost millions of euros to build. He should be able to detect life on the distant planet. However, a research group now claims that it is unable to do its job.

Simple tests confirm: devices sometimes show poor results

The instruments installed on and on the Mars Rover are particularly sensitive. The working group led by Alberto G. Fairén published a paper on 21 February investigation In the journal Nature. Scientists assume that embedded devices are not able to unequivocally detect life or organic compounds.

The team analyzed the Mars rover’s measurements using terrestrial sediments very similar to Martian rocks. At the same time, they also had the equipment to examine rocks from the Atacama Desert. The particles showed plenty of evidence for life with classical instruments:

“We have shown that redstone samples show a significant number of microorganisms with an unusually high rate of phylogenetic obscurity, what we refer to as a ‘dark microbiome’, and a mixture of biosignatures from extant and poorly detected ancient microorganisms. With the condition—it can become modern laboratory equipment.”

When it was supposed to test the Mars robot’s instruments, it showed only a few readings.

“…Although the mineralogy of red rocks is consistent with that detected by ground-based instruments on the Red Planet, similarly low levels of organic matter in Martian rocks are difficult if not impossible to detect, depending on the instrument and technique. “

Studies on the ground seem to give better results

The research group studied the devices on the rovers Curiosity and ExoMars condition. Although the SAM instrument was able to detect organic matter, investigations on the ground showed ten times better results.

According to the scientists, the MOMA tool completely failed. They assume that future samples will have to be returned to Earth for examination here.

“Our results underscore the importance of returning samples to Earth for a definitive discussion of whether life exists on Mars.”

This is the only way to get in-depth information about possible life on an alien planet.

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