Home Top News The London Stock Exchange is registering strong demand for primary issues

The London Stock Exchange is registering strong demand for primary issues

The London Stock Exchange is registering strong demand for primary issues

The London Stock Exchange has attracted a number of IPOs this year and is enjoying a great start to the year from the global financial crisis. London is becoming a key factor in renewed interest in IPOs in Europe, Bloomberg reported today. Of the total 22 primary bidding plans announced in the region, nine are preferred on the London Stock Exchange, with the largest five London three winning. Today, four companies submitted plans to list on the London Stock Exchange.

For years, London’s primary supply chain prevented Britain from leaving the EU. The end of the Brexit deal in December and the strong performance of British stocks at the beginning of the year largely eased concerns, which boosted interest in the primary offerings.

Recently, marijuana maker MGC Pharmaceuticals, the auction house operator of the online auction house, investment firm Digital 9 Infrastructure and NextEnergy Renewables have been keen to enter the London Stock Exchange. Four new bidders have arrived after British shoe maker Dr Shares soared during Friday’s stock market launch. Martens. Moonbick Group, an online retailer of greeting cards and gifts, is set to enter the stock market on Tuesday. Both companies’ offers ended earlier than planned, thanks to the need for more investors.

There is also interest in entering the stock markets in continental Europe. Like Doctor. Martens and Moonbick, the auto 1 group backed by Softbank, should also evaluate their stakes for the Frankfurt offering at the top end of the original spread. In Sweden, private investment group Nordic Capital wants to issue shares in its research firm Synd Group. Hydrogen refueling solution later said its share offer in Paris would close sooner than expected – and due to higher demand for its share.

Source: Reuters, CDK

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