The lifting of restrictions continued in mid-March despite the

The fifth wave is retreating at high speed: “For several weeks we have seen the collapse of the Omicron wave, reducing its frequency by twice every week,” Ferran told the RTL-Le Figaro-LCI grand jury.

‘Reducing the health burden’

according to The latest figures from Public Health France on SaturdayThe number of positive cases averaged 86,000 over a 7-day period, down 76% since peaking on Jan. 25. The minister also stressed the “lower health burden (with) fewer and fewer hospitalized patients”: there are still 28,600 (-14% since February 7), including 2,900 in critical care (-27% since January 12).

But he added, “There are still a lot of people to say it’s over and all procedures removed,” and he estimates that by mid-March, hospital and pandemic conditions will allow us to remove the mask from the inside and remove all or part of the vaccination permit as it is still valid today.

At the moment, a fourth dose is not planned

Olivier Veran noted that the “exact scope” of this easing of restrictions “will depend on what we observe in a couple of weeks,” denying any connection between this calendar and the presidential election in April: “This is by no means a political decision, in the sense that it is not adapted to the situation.” Electoral.

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