“Farmer looking for wife”
Pony joy and dog grief

By Kai Butterweck

After the lavish barn festival, the first candidates begin their farm weeks. The first meeting of animals also takes place here. When two beautiful hoofed animals beat the hearts of women by storm, two bitter barks make their first sighs under the roof of the yard.

The dome of the design boss Inca Boss Lawn is like a pink hidden object book for adorable teenage hearts. The traditional “O’zapft!” As soon as it sounds – everywhere in the countryside on the festival roof of the barn, men and women who are ready for love are immersed in a battle of love.

If you can not remember all the names immediately, you will soon be in the dark under the illusion of love seekers. But that’s okay, with lots of beer, full sucking pig dinner and Schleckerbop-Olympian music, it’s packed. Hofwochen’s final conclusions were drawn to the sound of DJ Ötzi’s new solo.

Emotions cannot be forced

Mike delivers the basket overnight.

Mike delivers the basket overnight.

(Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius)

While the snow-white pot holder sets the Foxstrod rhythm, Inga Boss already delivers the first fantasy tickets in the direction of romantic pleasure. But happiness and joy do not save the night everywhere. Before eating all the eggs for breakfast at a nearby hotel, the cow and pig breeder pulls out Mike Ripcard. This sudden breakup brings a lot of tears to poor Sandra’s eyes. But emotions cannot be forced.

Beekeeper Hubert knows it too, and greets his chosen Andrea with self-plucked flowers. At the beginning of the farm week in beautiful Upper Bavaria fry with honey and wine mixed with sugar. “It’s all so good,” says happy writer Andrea.

Laura scores with Pony “Connie” and Fol “Rosie”

Farmer Peter also feels good when he picks up his Kerstin with an elegant antique tractor. Not even a heavy rain can spoil the mood of two love birds. Horse presenter Laura and formatted Hottie Bjorn are also in high spirits. The only farmer in the battalion puts everything on the Bjorn Mini Tour bus card when he hits the bull’s eye with Pony “Connie” and Fol “Rosie” with Melanie and Francie who love horses. – With success again.

Dogston, a breeder, does not like dogs ...

Dogston, a breeder, does not like dogs …

(Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius)

Björn’s lively women-waiters are already “very close to each other”, which makes the start of the best Westerwald romantic adventure so easy for everyone. At Björn’s first brunch meeting with dad Werner and mom Pete, the two girls are screaming and screaming, shining with joy. Bjorn’s mother is not the only one with big eyes: “They ‘re the best. I do not know what to choose,” admits Uncle Pete with a smile on his face. Papa Werner is also enthusiastic, so the first evening and the final sound of the joy of getting to know each other is nothing short of guitar sound.

Torsten the dog was interrogated

Under the guidance of the Incas Boss, at the beginning of the 17th dome adventure, only the cattle farmer Torsten wanders a little more tightly across the meadow and the yard. Cuddly farmer from East Westphalia, Hesion is less likely to fight Karin than he is to have two more furry comrades. The names of the two ankle-high Hinterherlauf-Wau-Waus, “Dusty” and “Timmy”, do not match Torsten’s resemblance.

“I want to pull myself together,” the yellow giant grins with an emotional four-foot allergy. On the other hand, Karin, an early retiree, exclaims, “I feel good, both dogs are fine, everything is fine!” The first pleasure does not breathe when you place your hands in front of your face in the background. Did the two bitter growlers actually walk over the newly made beds? Oops …

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