Old Problems, New Faces: Not only are new borrowers being pushed into the light to return to the long-awaited “debt”, but so is the hitherto unknown debt adviser. Welcome to the gates of the miserable Olympus, dear Mr. Brussenbach!

In less than 139 chapters, cult credit adviser Peter Schwartz ensured little more order in the debt-ridden families of Germany. Now celebrates the return of the popular format “Get out of debt” – But without Peter Schwartz. The new credit advisor is now called Stilianos Brusenbach.

The graduate economist and debtor and tax consultant already has ten years of professional experience and works at two law firms (Düsseldorf and Heinsberg). Good Mr. Brusenbach is therefore worthy. But can it continue the brief charm of its predecessor?

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With a nosferat coat and a thin briefcase

From a purely visual perspective, the new credit counselor has done his homework. With his tight nosferat coat and snoopy briefcase, Brussenbach comes very close to the Schwartz model. In terms of humor, glamor and charm, there is still room for improvement. But you have to admit that the first two debtor families did not make it easy for him.

Nowhere in the Rhineland-Palatinate, the Bex family has lived only in daylight for many years. No money, no work, no plan: Cristio or Chandelle can’t put their foot on the ground alone. And it doesn’t seem to come together. With a debt of over 45,000 euros, the pair are completely on the ropes. Even a professional credit advisor reaches its limits here.

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“I’ve never seen so much chaos!”

Near the pile of tobacco tins are numerous unopened letters – all reminders and requests from creditors. Where do they all come from, and what do all the senders want? Chandel only shrugs his shoulders. “I’ve never seen so much confusion,” Brussenbach admits.

After four months of “cooperation” between the debtor and the consultant, not even a budget book was properly placed on the table. The only thing that helps is private bankruptcy – a three-year process with many benefits, but the opportunity for a fresh start.

Thomas and Martina Pilgenroth: You will receive the visit of credit advisor Stilianos Brussenbeck. (Source: RTL)

Even though it is still 400 kilometers to the east, in front of Jena’s gates, the debt demon is tightening its noose. Two homeowners and a married couple Martina and Thomas Pilgenroth suffer here. In contrast to the lazy family chaos in the Rhineland-Palatinate, credit adviser Brusenbach finds two militants in Thuringia.

Brusenbach needs to act quickly

Neither cancer nor deep personal losses can bring Martina and Thomas to their knees. Two avid fans of French history (Thomas owns several valuable old uniforms, guns and swords) finally want to “clean the table” on credit. Brussenpack must act quickly to keep the house he built at a time with a lot of money.

The full 56,000 euros in debt, building insurance and various minor setbacks stand in the way of a carefree future. Brusenbach experiments, digging and plowing. The “new” can’t really be blamed for the lack of commitment. The somewhat shallow look and sometimes very objective speed can definitely tune in even better.

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Light at the end of the tunnel

Despite a somewhat blunt start, Brusenbach is almost-but-not-so-returning in the case of the Bilgenroths. Thanks to the help of a happy financial institution and a sophisticated re-planning program, Martina and Thomas Pilgenroth see a little light again at the end of the tunnel at the end of the loan consulting companion.

Stilianos Brusenbach finally expresses a genuine smile – almost as chin as his predecessor. Well, it works …


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