Home Top News The best Christmas gifts under 40 euros – BZ Berlin

The best Christmas gifts under 40 euros – BZ Berlin

The best Christmas gifts under 40 euros – BZ Berlin

You don’t have to take out a loan to get good Christmas gifts: we have ideas for the whole family and every budget.

she has: There is one classic lipstick that every woman will be happy with. “Rouge Allure” by Chanel (38 euros)

    (Photo: Chanel)
Chanel lipstick in an intense red color (Image: Chanel)

for kids: How do you say hello in Greece? Where is the highest mountain in the world? Where do zebras live? Through tiptoi’s learning world, kids (from 7 years old) can learn a lot about countries, cities, landscapes and languages ​​and apply their knowledge in interactive games. On Amazon.de, the interactive globe costs €39.99

    (Photo: Tibetwey)
Discovering things about the world while playing: The World of Learning (Photo: Ravensburger)

For teens: Dial, listen to music, have fun – young people do not stop at the cell phone, but prefer to have unfamiliar ears. And without annoying cables! With JLab Audio JBuds (€38.99 on Amazon.deYou can travel wirelessly for up to six hours (battery life)

for him: Perfect for jogging! Small items such as cell phones, keys or Airpods can be stored in the Lululemon running belt (€32 via matchesfashion.com)

For grandparents: As comfortable as it is on the sofa or in your favorite armchair – you quickly start shivering. With a soft blanket made of faux fur (€34.99 at The GalleriaGrandma and Grandpa stay cute and warm.

    (Photo Gallery)
Warm and Cozy: Faux Fur Blanket (Photo: Galleria)

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