Home entertainment The back can be seen from Rembrandt’s masterpiece “Night Watch”

The back can be seen from Rembrandt’s masterpiece “Night Watch”

The back can be seen from Rembrandt’s masterpiece “Night Watch”

Art lovers have a unique opportunity to view Rembrandt’s famous painting “The Night Watch” from behind. In the final stage of the main investigation into the photo, it was removed and placed on a special stand, the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum announced on Wednesday. Researchers can now use the latest technology to inspect the reverse side and lower coating layers.

“Operation Night Watch” is the most comprehensive investigation of Rembrandt’s masterpiece to date, and it has been on display at the museum since the summer of 2019. Museum director Taco Dibbets said it’s a rare opportunity. “Once the picture is lifted off the wall and taken out of the frame, it suddenly looks very weak.” The night watch is priceless. Rembrandt (1606-1669) completed the picture in 1642.

The canvas is attached to a wooden frame. But according to information from the museum, the original painting cannot be seen. As with many paintings from the 17th century, it was later reinforced from behind. During the Night’s Watch, it happened in 1975 after an assassination attempt with a knife.

The researchers are now checking first whether the support is still sufficient. Then the lower layers of paint are examined with scanners and microscopes. The painting will be hung again on November 23 – then the introduction can be seen again. A decision on restoration will be made in December.

(Service – Internet: https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/nl/zien-en-doen/tentoonstellingen/operatie-nachtwacht)

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