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The Bachelorette Picks Up One: The Goo Theater at Dome Show


‘The Bachelor’ slapped candidate Kiara in the face – she just played of course


Episode VI on “The Bachelor” Dominic Stockman and women are required to have acting talent. How well they do and who makes themselves so unpopular.

Slapping a bachelor can pay off. After all, former nominee Liliz Koge has successfully built a successful career as an influencer. She remained as a participant in the heads of fans of the dome show, whom Rosencavalier punctuated with ex-Daniel Foles after Foles first kissed her and then gave her no rose.

“The Bachelor”: a slap from Kiara

So far, none of the women wanted to slap current bachelor Dominic Stockman. This is despite the fact that he has already accepted several candidates. In episode six, there’s a clamp for the first time – but the half was only meant seriously.

Stuckmann invites most of the remaining women to a group date. He wants to check how she handles the drama, and let her know about it. What does that mean in the world of a bachelor? The single man and the contenders for his heart are trying their hand at acting. Supposed to recreate a telenovela. “I wanted to immigrate to Mexico and become a telenovela star,” Jana-Maria reveals after the bachelor explained the idea. At least, you get to Mexico, so you get a guy. Fraud, jealousy, love affairs – everything is included in the scripts of the bachelor drama.

Even candidate Chiara, who was betrayed by Stockman’s character, gets her own Lilise Cog moment and flaunts The Bachelor. “Chiara exaggerated a bit,” Fast Telenovela star Jana Maria said. “Wow, I shook you,” Franzi puts it in her own way. “It’s just a slap in the face. If he didn’t die from it,” the Bat laughs. But Chiara also has arguments other than hard ones. The Bachelorette says of her, “I’ve always managed to do it with her eyes. I always try to look away because I think, ‘Hey, you’re going to eat me’.”

Jana Maria is jealous again

The game of average performance follows a one-on-one conversation with Franzi, which can be assigned to the category “Extremely unpleasant exchange of words”. I asked him, “How did you find me today, was I real?” “No, I think it’s cool that way,” answered the bachelor, at which point Franzie explained to him that she was calmer on the set than usual, and also liked to go out with friends. Should that be clarified? “It’s not supposed to sound cocky, but I do get a lot of attention from guys,” Stockman reveals. Behind the scenes analyzes “That’s why you don’t have to be in conquest, you’re being conquered.” It may also explain why Franzie finds it difficult to have a normal conversation.

Then the Bachelorette requests a report from the jealous Jana Maria, who in the past few episodes has dreamed of getting married and building a house. How could it be otherwise: At first she accuses him of kissing too quickly. After all, many women have already taken advantage of it. The 29-year-old, who lives in Marbella, is also upset by the fact that she got a flower on the last night of roses.

It is also slowly becoming clear among the women what they think of Jana Maria. “If he is really looking for something dangerous and (..) if he lives with her and there is always an accusation when he does something wrong – that is toxic,” Emily analyzes her opponent. The bachelor himself comments on Jana Maria’s investigative questions: “I always get some swipes on her part. (…) But it’s not bad. It’s cute somewhere.” After dating a telenovela set, he visited the women in their mansion. There Jana Maria – how could it be otherwise – she immediately noticed that he “looked at Chiara from top to bottom”. In fact, it’s there for a different reason. The bachelor explains to the candidates that they will be relocating soon. Exit the shared villa. But before that we go to our next group date with Neil, Emily, and Jasmine.

"BSC" Sebastian Prius is still not popular on the internet.

One date with Neil

There, the four don’t have much to say to each other that it almost hurts. The preference or dislike of Olive is only made clear before the bachelor finally redeems the tour and asks Neil about the next single date. There, Stockmann and the woman quickly approach Hamburg. They have to solve the missions in this romantic scavenger hunt game. From making faces to dancing, everything is included. And of course there’s kissing, too.

The sixth night of roses brings with it a lot of strong wines and one or another unpleasant conversation. Lara tells the bachelor that she will adapt her life to his. A red piece of cloth for him he is looking for an independent woman. Franzi – we remember, “the real one” – tells him that he can also call her after the show if things don’t work out with the chosen one. Anna only sums up the entire show aptly: “I think we know each other maybe five percent,” she tells The Bachelor. And somehow, at the end of a rather boring episode, she wishes for the return of Yeliz Koc, who comes from the background and causes a ruckus.

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